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CreatorSeattle Post OfficeTitleSeattle Message Office Photographs and also Other Material Dates1889-1962 (inclusive)
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Use of the CollectionAdministrative InformationDetailed Description of the Collection

The first USA Message Office in Seattle--and the initially in King County--opened in 1853 in pioneer Arthur A. Denny"s log cabin home on Front Street (now First Avenue) and also Marion Street, through Denny named the first postgrasp. Previously, all mail for Seattle and also Alki was yielded as soon as a week by canoe from Olympia. The first write-up office consisted, as Denny"s daughter Louisa Denny Frye later on recalled, of a desk through small cubbyholes where the 30 year old Denny sorted the first little batches of mail to come straight to Seattle.

The Seattle Blog post Office lacked a long-term resolve for its first fifty years, moving from one area to one more. From 1890 to 1899, the Message Office occupied a structure on Columbia Street between 2nd and Third Avenues, constructed after the fire of 1889. Later it remained in the nearby Boston Block, and later, in the Arlington Hotel Building at First and also College. The initially irreversible home of the Seattle Article Office was the Beaux-Arts inspired structure built in between 1903 and also 1909 at Third Avenue and Union Street. Also well-known as the Federal Building, this ornate structure initially likewise hoprovided the United States Federal Court and Department of Customs, though the Post Office shortly outthrived its space and also took over the entire building. This building, which had come to be too cramped and had likewise started to deteriorate, was demolimelted in 1958 and reput by the modern-day three-story facility still supplied this day.

Photographs comprise the mass of the Seattle Blog post Office arsenal. Three teams of photographs portray postal employees: individual portraits from the late 1nine century and group portraits of employees of assorted Seattle stations, taken in 1935 and also 1952. Anvarious other series of 113 photographs records the construction (1903-1909), from groundbreaking to completion, of the classic post office structure that stood at Third Avenue and also Union Street till its demolition in 1958. Other photographs depict a 1950 letter carriers convention, and also the Terminal Annex on Jackson Street.

The repertoire additionally includes three albums: one volume of employee signatures, more than likely offered as a retirement gift; an album of newspaper clippings documenting the at an early stage days of air mail service; and also an album of photographs and also clippings concerned the Reexhausted Letter Carriers Club and the linked Ladies Social Club for wives of retired letter carriers.

Message office documents has early on documents from the Seattle and Olympia write-up offices, an account book from Wagner, Oregon, and post office ephemera.

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Source: United States Message Office, Seattle (James J. Symbol, Postmaster) on February 5, 1972.

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