Please Give Me a Pair of Wings 请赐我一双翅膀 is a 60-episode Chinese drama that stars Aaron Yan (Memories of Love) and Ju Jingyi (Legfinish of Yun Xi). It tells the story of Lin Jiu Ge, the daughter of Shanggu’s Police Commissioner that was framed and also unjustly imprisoned. She will have the aid of young police detective Long Tian Yu to hopetotally uncover the real murderer. 

However, the better story also adheres to her friendship through Leng Nian Zi and also how they rotate the dream of structure an all-girl institution to boost the fate of the womales in their bit tvery own into truth. Unfortunately, the accomplishment does not come without it’s difficulty as people against the the principle of an all-girls school will destroy it at all expenses.

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Ju Jing Yi is playing Lin Jiu Ge. She is meticulous and also capable. She is refined and also well-educated student who becomes the greatest suspect for the fatality of her very own father. 

Aaron Yan is playing Long Tian Yu. He is the director’s apprentice and has a knack for criminal investigation and tracking. It was his testimony that sent Jiu Ge to prison.

Han Dong is playing Little Leng. He is the Leng family’s embraced playboy kid that handles the family’s illegal tasks. 

Zhang Yuxi is playing Leng Nian Zi. She is a wealthy and also beautiful lady that seems to have whatever she desires except love and happiness. 
Mi Re is playing Xiao Lin Feng. A charming orphan that is fairly great at playing cards and also chess via a little of a gambling trouble. He will certainly aid Jiu Ge and Tian Yu discover the actual murderer.
Zhu Sheng Yi is playing smart and also persistent newspaper reporter and also Long Tian Yu’s sister, Long Xiang Xiang.

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Tse Kwan Ho is playing customizeds director, Leng Shi Nan, who is additionally the head of an illegal earlier market business. 

Release Date: July 9, 2019 Tencent, iQIYI, Youku (2 episodes eextremely Thursday to Saturday at 8pm), 10 even more eps released for VIPVote for your favorite Chinese dramas in 2019.