Plants vs zombie Garden war 2 is packed v secrets and hidden locations for players to discover. Because that this guide, us will display you exactly how to discover a covert location in the Backyard Battleground that leads to a endowment trove of free coins.

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Free Coin Chests in plants vs zombies Garden war 2

If you’re not an excellent at treasure hunting, we’ve obtained you covered. This guide will present you step-by-step exactly how to find several free chests in ~ the secret sewers that the Backyard Battleground. If you would rather explore the sewers and also locate this an enig area on her own, then we’ve already listed enough hints for girlfriend to do so. Inspect out our tree vs zombie Garden warfare 2 guide for more tips, features, and an enig Easter Eggs.

Find the secret Room in the Sewers

If you have actually played v the story pursuits a bit, you will likely have already discovered the underground sewers in the Backyard Battleground. However, you need to still it is in able to access the sewers without doing quests. The sewer area has actually multiple entrance points, however the most basic entry is near the no man’s soil in the center.


Before friend head to the sewers, make certain you room playing together a Scientist. You will require the Scientist warp capacity to accessibility the secret area later on on. Begin by heading toward the Flag of power in between the 2 sides the the backyard. Walk towards the marketplace, and drop down where the floor dips. The entrance to the sewage system is simply beneath the Flag that Power.

Enter the sewers and locate the crazy Targets Range. This is the door through the big gnome and also star on the front. Don’t walk toward the door. Us are just using this together a referral point.


While encountering the stunner Targets variety door, walk along the wood walkway top top the right, and follow the concrete course to the upper best of the crazy Targets Range. There will certainly be several chests along the way, including a chest near the far wall surface on the left. This will certainly will become a door come the mystery area when you have got access.

Look end the steel railing, down toward the toxicity sludge below. In ~ the bottom, you have to see 2 copper pipes. Hop end the railing, and drop down onto the bigger pipe closest come you. Rotate around, and follow the pipe as it curve beneath the walkway.


At the end of the pipe, girlfriend will view a tunnel across the means on the far wall. This is where your Scientist Warp capacity comes in handy. Aim toward the tunnel, and use the Warp to shoot across the sludge, landing safe on the various other side.


Continue v the tunnel till you reach sophisticated chamber. This chamber consists of several cost-free chests that reward you through coins, diamonds, and also other rarely items. There is likewise an amazing model of the Backyard Battleground top top the table in the center.


Along with coins, the first chest grants a super rarely Backyard Item dubbed the legend Lighthouse. The 2nd chest will provide you even more coins, and the last chest will certainly give another super rare Backyard Item dubbed the Unknown Champion. These items are supplied throughout your backyard.


When you are ready to leave, leave the chamber and also head through the passage to the right of the sewer pipe you entered from. In ~ the top of the passage, shoot in ~ the brick that has mushrooms ~ above the prior to push the button. This will ruin the wall to your left, allowing you to return to the main sewer walkway whereby you dropped down earlier. With this i open, you have the right to return to the secret chamber whenever girlfriend wish.

There room plenty of secrets to uncover in plants vs zombie Garden warfare 2, including an Indiana Jones motivated passage ~ above the map seed of Time. Inspect out’s tree vs zombies Garden warfare 2 overview for much more tips and features.

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