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Learn just how to draw planets with straightforward step by step tutorial. When you know just how to attract the rings, you have the right to even consist of your very own solar system.

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Drawing the Planets

Our solar system is composed of a sun and lots the objects, consisting of planets, that move about it. Part are tiny and rocky, and also some are large and gaseous. Over there is even something referred to as the asteroid belt – a region filled with millions of rocky objects. They room left over from when the planets formed, 4.5 billion year ago.

Children that are simply learning around our solar system deserve to have a little fun imagining what outer room looks favor by illustration planets with their colorful rings. Once they grasp exactly how easy it is to include those ovals about the center, castle can attract them anywhere on the paper, in any kind of scale you will do it like.

A lesson about outer room is also the perfect time to practice a tiny easy perspective. Part planets have the right to be tiny and far away, and also some therefore close up they go off the page. Having actually some of every is what creates selection and renders a drawing much more interesting come look at.

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Example of a one template

If you’d favor to have children focus ~ above the placement of your planets, and also not so lot on illustration perfect circles, then a circle template might be worth investing in. Countless quilting supply locations sell them, just look because that one that has a wide selection of sizes.

Lastly, come mix points up a bit, i recommend making use of black card stock record and metallic markers. Beside from gift so fun to attract with, those colour pop turn off the page, and all those stars space made through a tap ~ above the paper. And also what other subject matter is far better for bright color on black paper than a drawing about planets in outer space?

Preview of action by action Planet illustration tutorial


Template or numerous circle shapes to traceBlack map stock paperMetallic Markers, Crayola ones room goodPencil

Time needed: 45 minutes.