Body paragraphs room the paragraphs between your arrival and conclusion, the persons in i m sorry you show your points. They space the meat of your essay. Solid body paragraphs carry out the following things:

continue to be on a solitary topic open with atopic sentence, a sentence that claims the main allude of your paragraph provide concrete examples with descriptive detail to show your key idea in the i define how the instances relate to your main point end through a statement about the main point, not on some information from the example

PIE Structure

One common method of explaining body paragraph structure is utilizing the image of a pie, orPIE structure. A PIE paragraph opens up with a main pointthat your paragraph will discuss, climate givesinformationto assistance that point, then ends with anexplanationof the information.



The opened of the paragraph should describe themain pointof the paragraph, the main idea that the paragraph is trying to prove or show. Likewise called atopic sentence.


In the middle of the paragraph, you will administer informationto display why her main point is true. This is the longest component of her paragraph. You will certainly either encompass several species of information, or one kind explained in detail. Varieties of information can include stories, descriptions, examples, quotations, facts, and statistics. Additionally called anIllustration.


At the finish of her paragraph, girlfriend should describe how your information showed your key point.

Putting it all Together

You might notification that this framework is very comparable to the structure of one essay. The point parellels the introduction, the information parallels the human body paragraphs, and also the explanation parallels the conclusion.

The following paragraph from an essay about kickboxing has actually been divided into PIE elements.

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(P)My love that kickboxing has absolutely had some an unfavorable consequences, but likewise many hopeful ones.(I)The many obvious an unfavorable consequences room the injuries. Ns am lucky due to the fact that I have not had any kind of serious injuries—just a the majority of bruises, bumps, and also cuts. However the numerous positive impacts of kickboxing make all these injuries worthwhile. Kickboxing has made me physical stronger. In fact, it made me so solid that ns recently relocated a most my mom’s furniture through no assist at all. It has additionally made me an ext resilient and also able to deal with challenging situations.For example, in ~ a current conference ns attended, i was may be to address the stress of presenting a record because ns was offered to having to think on mine toes and also not be fear of gaining attacked. Even when a well known professor started to ask me difficult questions, I was able to calmly respond come her questions as though i was impede roundhouse kicks. Plenty of of the audience members later congratulated me on my calmness in responding come her verbal attack.

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Ns am sure that this calmness is a result of mine martial arts training; in fact, I also thought about kickboxing while ns was answering the questions.(E)My kickboxing obsession might cause me a many physical injuries, but it additionally teaches me just how to gain past injuries to my body and also to mine ego, and to do my best even under stressful circumstances.