Ah, cock pics. There"s possibly no imagery more controversial since the development of the camera phone 보다 a good ol" "check the end my penis" photo. And also whether you love castle or hate them, there"s no debating that most men don"t know exactly how to send an actually sexy cock pic.

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Before I, ahem, unpack that last part, a small explainer on why guys love come share snaps of their johnson: "I think reflecting his cock is more likely to excite him than it is to wake up you," states sociologist Pepper Schwartz, PhD, a professor of human sexuality in ~ the university of Washington.

Most guys are enamored by their genitals and also get a thrill the end of reasoning you will be, too, she explains.

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Still, some women (myself included, btw) have the right to be entirely turned on through a prick pic—if (and only if) that meets a few general standards.

So, in the wishes of saving you indigenous yet one more "OMG, why" moment of horror, here, without further delay, the official rules because that sending prick pics. Feel cost-free to share as you view fit.

1. Make sure your prick pic is 100-percent solicited. If not, do NOT pass GO.

Before also taking a penis pic, girlfriend absolutely have to make certain the human you"re hoping to send it to wants to see it. "Receiving an unwanted dick pic feels yes, really awful, also violating," states Vanessa Marin, a license is granted psychotherapist that specializes in sex therapy.

To find out if your potential recipient is open to prick pics, simply be supervisor straight-up and also ask her. One slightly much less scary means to carry out it: asking if she"d favor to exchange sexy pictures. "If she"s right into sending one of herself, ask her if you have the right to return the favor," Marin says.

Of course, wait for her to respond with an emphatic yes (or the emoji equivalent).

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2. Outweigh the pros and also cons of sending out a cock pic.

Okay, therefore a present or prospective partner says she"s DTR (down come receive). Now it"s time to think about whether sending her a cock pic is actually worth the risk.

Having a kid herself, Schwartz cautions against sending prick pics due to the fact that the recipient can easily re-publishing it with others or use it against you in the future.

But three things can ease that concern:

Only sending cock pics come a companion you totally trust (like, girlfriend know, a girlfriend).Keeping her face and also other identifying attributes out the the frame.Asking the receiver why they want a dick pic (don"t market suggestions—let them answer honestly). If castle don"t sound legit excited by the idea, maybe keep the intimate images to yourself.

Marin note that many women aren"t particularly excited by prick pics. "The persons that prefer them have tendency to be much more entertained by them than actually sexually stimulated," she says.

So ask yourself, "Am ns confident that my partner will genuinely gain this?" If not, perhaps stick to flirty dirty talk.

3. Wait for the appropriate time to send your cock pic.

On the note, flirty dirty speak should constantly precede the sending out of a penis pic.

"A nude snapshot is definitely more intense than just chatting earlier and forth around sexy things," claims Marin. "If you run to that excessive too quickly, it can be at sight jarring and not actually erotic."

For the finest reaction from her recipient, have actually at least a structure of an easy sexting (via message or email) prior to taking it to the next level.

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You also don"t desire to capture her in ~ the wrong moment (like, ya know, once she"s in the elevator v her boss). So save the prick pic for evenings and also weekends, when she"s more likely to be alone.

Bonus points if girlfriend time the for once she"s calm and much more in she body than her head, prefer right ~ a shower head or when she"s education a glass the wine.

Also, this should go without saying, yet just in case: Wait till you have actually a complete erection. That"s a hard ascendancy (pun intended).

4. Make it selective and tasteful.

"In general, the an ext blank the background, the better," says Marin. That"s because a cock pic is already difficult enough to take it seriously, so any type of extra vain in the picture isn"t going to help, she explains.

That counts not just for the pile of wash on your floor or the dirty toilet mirror, but also your lover dog, unmade bed, and half-empty (half-full?) beer can.

"Women can likewise tell once you"re being lazy with your picture," Marin adds. "Don"t just pull her pants under and point your camera at her erection. Experiment through angles for the finest light and also real appeal, similar to you would a constant selfie."

Hear that? Play with your prick (pic).

5. Consider including your hand come the penis pic.

I think—as does Marin—that many women agree that a prick by chin isn"t the many attractive thing in the world. What renders a man"s member a turn-on is the it belongs come a person they find attractive.

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So do yourself a favor and also remind your recipient that this D is yours (and hopefully, shortly to be theirs) through holding that in her hand or poignant it in some way. Not just are you taking ownership of an otherwise arbitrarily body part, claims Marin, however you"re also reminding her recipient that there"s more to her package transaction than just your package.

(Also, FWIW, there"s naught hotter than a male who"s good with his hands.)

6. Litter in part **personal** sexy talk.

It"s slightly unreasonable to mean a dude to take it a brand new dick pic every time he desires to send one come a willing lady. (The handful of females I chatted through for objectives of this story admitted to conserving tried-and-true nudes for future use, too, after all.)

That said, a tiny heartfelt personalization v a dick pic can go a long way. So when sending a picture, incorporate a message (or in the situation of Snapchat, a caption) that reflects that your erect condition is in direct solution to or direct anticipation of her partner"s excitement.

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If you can reference other you"ve talked around in the past, or a sexy memory, that"s even better, Marin says.

Don"t walk OTT—keep it classy. Because that example: "Just thinking around you in her red lacy bra and look what you"ve excellent to me."

7. Don"t acquire cocky through your prick pic.

There is nothing—I repeat, nothing—worse in the bedroom than being faked out of a good penis through a deceiving prick pic.

So guys, a native of advice: Especially if you"re trying to sleep through this person, execute not oversell what you"re working with. "A pleasant surprised is way far better than disappointment," Marin confirms.

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That way no angle that make you look twice as big as you in reality are, no loose hand grips the feign thickness (yes, I know that trick), and also absolutely no catdicking (showing off someone else"s penis and calling it yours).

And if you are on the Magnum side of things, please skip the props (rulers, stack soda cans, etc.) come let united state know.

Women have the right to tell...and humility is method hotter than any dick pic itself.

Marissa GainsburgMarissa Gainsburg is the functions Director at Women"s Health, whereby she oversees the magazine"s news-meets-trends heat Up section and also Love & Life section.
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