In today’s short article, we are going to look at the distinction between a sequence and a pattern, join us!

Like we have actually seen in an previously article, a sequence is a string of organized objects complying with criteria, which deserve to be:

Ordered (boosting or decreasing).Establiburned by a pattern.

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Today we are going to concentrate on the sequences establiburned by a pattern, identified by one or even more qualities.

What is a pattern? According to Merriam-Webster, it is a form or design proposed for imitation. In the case of sequences, their trends are models that serve to construct them.

To exercise these sequences establiburned by a pattern, has exercises wright here the sequence is comprised of photos.

These sequences are always defined by two attributes: shape and color. Knowing the form pattern and the shade pattern, we can create them.

We will certainly look at some examples to understand also this better.

Example of a sequence via one color and assorted shapes

In the complying with exercise, let’s see if we deserve to determine if tbelow is a pattern in the sequence.


In this situation, the sequence is the series of images that decorate the body of the caterpillar:


Due to the fact that all of the pictures are the shade blue, the color pattern is:


and also considering that the shapes alternative between planet, moon, planet, moon, earth, moon… the shape pattern is:


Example of a sequence through assorted colors and also shapes

Now we are going to view an example that is a little more complex.


Now the sequence is this series of pictures:


Because the images are the colors blue, purple, green, blue, purple, green…the shade pattern is: 


And given that the shapes appear in the order: auto, auto, plane, automobile, car, aircraft, ca, automobile, airplane…the form pattern is:


Have you watched how basic it is to discover trends in a sequence? Now we are going to exercise through another exercise.

Example of completing a sequence

Now we are going to identify the fads in the adhering to sequence to end up it.


Look very closely at the colors of the photos. They are: ovariety, red, purple, oselection, red, purple…and continue this way. Thus, the color pattern is:

“ovariety, red, purple”

Now, look at what the shapes are. They are: a basketball net, a racket, a rollerblade, a rollerblade, a basketsphere net, a racket, a rollerblade, a rollerblade…and continue this way. We can view that the form pattern is:

“a basketround net, a racket, a rollerblade, a rollerblade”

Now that you have the fads of color and also form, you can end up the sequence!

The following photo, considering that it comes after the shade orange, will be red and also after the picture of a basketsphere net, there will certainly be a racket. Therefore, the next photo will be a red racket.

On to the next! Since purple comes after red and also a rollerblade comes after a racket, we understand that the next photo will be a purple rollerblade.

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You’ve almost completed it!


Are you motivated to finish it?

You know what to execute, think of the shade and form of the next picture and also I’m certain you’ll gain it!

I hope that these examples have actually helped you understand the difference between sequence and pattern well. Don’t foracquire to share if you preferred this post!

And you know, if you desire to exercise even more exercises, go to and also attempt it complimentary.