I have been brewing up an Elan pathwalker/awakened blade for a while. Playing a Wisdom-based Sleeping Goddess specialist has been on my to-play list for a lengthy time, yet my greatest obstacle has actually been my newness to DSP's psionics. I'm fairly knowledgeable through initiating, yet I've never played a psionic character; psionic tasks and powers are somepoint I can't really gauge, and the two PsyWar guides are either not updated or down at the moment.

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I'm having obstacle settling on what Path to take; the actual Sleeping Goddess route isn't that great; it offers me bonsupplies to Autohypnosis and also the pretty good maneuver, however Empty Mind is just okay once I already have Defensive Packnowledgment, counters, or later Stance of the Inner Eye, and also Call Weapon is really restricted since it can't interact with Call the Soul's Blade line of maneuvers also through Forge of the Goddess, and I don't qualify for the Mind Knight feats, and also given that, the trance bonus is useless. Given how few powers psywars get, I figured I have to be sensible in my course alternative. In comparikid, the Scarlet Throne course gets me one of the prerequisite powers I need for Awakened Blade, the trance and also maneuver are conceivably advantageous, however the other bonus power will certainly inevitably be completely overshadowed by Stance of the Inner Eye. I store waffling back and also forth; even currently, I think sticking with Sleeping Goddess might be much better. Lastly, this leaves me via just 3-4 powers; I was thinking Expansion, Force Display, and also Biofeedago, but I'm simply selecting those based on exactly how beneficial they seem on initially look.

Feats are one more beastern. At 5th level, I should have five feats: 3 normal from breakthrough, and two bonus combat/psionic feats. I have to take Psionic Body and also Psionic Meditation, yet I was likewise looking at taking Sleeping Goddess style.

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I was considering the Tap Animus/Awakened Animus accomplishments, yet taking a look at them, the PP I'd conserve isn't a lot (an average maximum of 8 animus per enrespond to, as soon as we don't have actually many type of combats), when I could rather take something favor Narcissism to take the Resolute veil for bonus PP equal to my level plus rerolls (and also can later take a feat to bind it, and gain a method to regain emphasis easily). But this is wright here I'm kinda lost; have to I invest in PF staples prefer Power Attack/Furious Focus? Psionic accomplishments prefer Psicrystal Affinity or the Psionic Weapon line? I acquire a decent amount of bonus accomplishments from both the Pathwalker and also the Awakened Blade, so I'm not also worried around running out of feats, yet I desire them to be coherent.