The Episode begins through Naina caring for Raghav. He claims its all my mistake, I m very sorry. He holds her hand and also turns to sleep. She states my hand… She cries and also thinks its onerous to understand him, even then she desires to grasp him and also make his problems amethod, she desires to check out him entirely happy as he deserves it. She hears the telephone ringing. Raghav talks in sleep and claims this quantity is ineffective, don’t name. Naina remedies Madan’s name and also claims Raghav can’t come, I’ll come. She says I don’t assume Raghav have the right to go anyarea on this house, he wants relaxation.

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She provides him sleep properly. Tere naam….performs………… She leaves from the room. Madan asks visitors to chill down and also never before take press. The visitor ask how are you going to do that. I can’t stand also this male, change

my seating. Naina comes there. Madan says Raghav modified seating, their ego derived damages, you take care of this. He goes. She remembers listening to Raghav’s phrases. Ira offers her a stare and also goes. Naina maneras visitors saying you’re our honored visitor and have the right to sit in VVIP part. Mr. Chawla will obtain glad. She takes Mr. And Mrs. Chawla to different part and also asks them to advantage from the night. She asks servant to keep them.

She thinks thank God I heard Raghav’s dinner seating plan on name. She bumps into Sudha and also Pam. Sudha taunts her. Pam and also Sudha joke about Raghav liking the cake. They go ameans. Naina cries and also turns. She sees Dadi through Shaurya.

Dadi sees Naina and also asks did you not provide my message to Naina that she shouldn’t make cake. Shaurya makes excusage and goes. Naina states why carry out I really feel everybody is aware of why Raghav doesn’t choose cake, I adorned the room to shock him, why did he break eincredibly component, I wimelted to shock him. Dadi states I perceive, but Raghav doesn’t uncover this birthday certain, its time to increate you, you’re his spousage and its your proper to comprehfinish it. Naina asks what. Dadi takes her to room. Naina asks is eexceptionally component incredible.

Dadi says you might obtain shocked, there might be expensive purpose behind Raghav’s behavior, else he doesn’t acquire indignant ever, it, purpose is Raghav misput his Dada ji in an accident on this existing day. Naina asks what, however Dadi…. Dadi says Raghav holds himself liable for his demise, he feels accident occurred due to him, he will gain upset on his birthday yat an early stage. Raghav apologizes to Dadi and Dadu.

Dadi claims it was not Raghav’s mistake, I attempted to make him freed from guilt, but he blames himself, Raghav and Lala ji have been shut and preferred one an additional tons, Raghav damaged dvery own after he left. Naina asks how did Dada ji’s accident occur. Dadi claims let previous be in previous for everybody’s good, why to spoil current, it was astronomical shock for us, why to injury ourselves recalling that accident, I offered to be going to warn you to go away Raghav alone and also never before rejoice, don’t recognize why, my well being is unexplained as of late. Naina asks are you significant, shall I name doctor.

Pam comes and also scolds Naina that Raghav didn’t perform the occupational properly. Dadi asks what occurred. Pam says videographer didn’t come, what’s the usage to huge operate then. She asks Naina to ask Raghav to sort this out. Pam goes. Dadi says Lala ji used to handle all occupational, I’ve his contacts. She forwards quantity to Naina and says this videographer offered to rerevolve yearly, name him, he’ll come if he’s free. Naina calls.

Ira dances in sangeet social gathering. Munda thoda…..performs……… Everybody slap. Raghav coughs and his hand also touches the telephone. Name connects to Naina. She solutions name and also asks are you remarkable. She hears him coughing, if he chokes himself, his life can have risk. She rushes to their room. She check out Raghav and takes treatment of him. He states every part for damaged, I break everybody’s idea, I m good for nothing. She asks him to not blame himself. She sprinkles water on him. She pours water on his head. He wakes up. She takes him to toilet and also makes him stand also below bathe. He claims go away me, its chilly, are you mad Naina, will certainly you kill me. She says I hope you gain senses by this chilly water.

Sudha welcomes everybody to Mehra mansion and also talks around love. She calls upon Veer and also Sanjana for his or her effectiveness. Raghav holds Naina’s hand and stops her. He pulls her below the bathe. Veer and also Sanjana dance. Jab tak…..performs……………. Raghav and also Naina have actually an eyelock. Raghav holds her shut. Naina asks what are you doing. He claims this chilly water is ideal for warmth tempered lady like this. Naina states I m nonethemuch less your spousage, we didn’t obtain divorced till currently, so behave actually your self. She goes. Everybody clap for Veer and also Sanjana. Sudha says its onerous to clarify love in a single phrase. Naina runs out to the corridor. Raghav runs after her. She laughs and will acquire away.

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Precap:Dadi asks Raghav until as soon as will certainly I be tbelow to take care of you, I obtain unwell considering that will keep you, promise me you’ll cease cursing your self.