I’m earlier with a brand new series! i’m going to do an evaluation of every panic video clip I can!

Anyways let’s gain into it


Here’s the video:


We watch a flaming tire appear out that nowhere.To me this seems prefer a recommendation to “Don’t Threaten Me v A an excellent Time”



Here we view the human body of a woman.Is she sleeping? all throughout the video clip this human body is seen multiple times motionless.Could this human be dead?


In this step Brendon is washing the blood turn off his hands.Meaning the woman might be the human being he murdered.

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Here Brendon is viewed driving in the center of the desert.Could he be looking for something or someone?

Miss Jackson then offers Brendon the knife and also gets down on she knees because that him.Meaning that she wants him to execute her.

Brendon declared that the loved miss Jackson,in the song however ends up death her.In the end,he loved she so much that the he took she head and also put the on his nightstand In storage of her.

My Rating: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

This my absolute favorite tune of 2013! i love just how weird and scary it is. The track is so catchy and also fun.My favorite component was as soon as Brendon to be dancing in the parking lot.When I an initial listened to the song,it was so attractive that ns listened to it daily for a week.

That’s It because that Now!

I’ll check out You following Time Sinners!

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It is my favourite track :)

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Just an additional One

This is a cool evaluation and all, however this video clip can"t it is in a reference to "don"t threaten me v a an excellent time", this music video came out 4 years ago. DTMWAGT is a great bit much more recent.

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TwentyØne Pity next :candy: :icecream: :baby_bottle: :baby_bottle: author

I didn’t typical the video,I just meant the tire

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Gerard Is Shook

Reply to: TwentyØne Pity parties :candy: :icecream: :baby_bottle: :baby_bottle:

Lol XD

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