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Accounting & finance

Accountant: supports the analysis, preparation and financial reporting procedure in accordance with typically Accepted audit Principles (GAAP).Financial Analyst: Conducts substantial financial reviews and also studies to analyze, evaluate and also report on financial results, trends and implications Purchasing Specialist: Solicits, negotiates, administers and settles contracts and purchases because that services, supplies and equipment consisting of informal purchases. Purchasing & Supply administration Specialist: Analyzes and also monitors the Postal Service"s intake of products and also services in bespeak to interact contracted services and also equipment in alignment with established supplier monitoring criteria.

Corporate Communications

Creative Producer/Director: separately produces, directs and also creates presentation, instructional, promotional and also other video clip and intuitive media commodities to communicate the goals and also objectives of the Postal business as the relates come employees and customers.Graphic Designer: Creates and edits graphic designs for flyers, programs, publications, forms, posters and also visual presentation materials for Postal company events, products and also internal organizations. Guarantee designs connect a that company image continuous with Postal organization goals and also policies.




Industrial Engineer: Oversees and also applies nationwide commercial engineering, standardization and innovation standards the mail handling operations. Functions to improve service and cost performance.


HR analytics Specialist: Leverages data analytics tools and advanced business info (BI) devices to carry out actionable improvements to HR processes and initiatives.Industrial Psychologist: leads job analysis studies and also restructure tasks to develop and refresh job descriptions, competency models and related materials. Succession planning Specialist: Develops, implements and maintains corporate succession planning programs, policies and processes to ensure a diverse, default talent pool satisfy future leadership needs the the organization. Talent administration Specialist: Facilitates the development, implementation and also maintenance the talent management and also leadership advancement programs, policies and also processes to fulfill the current and future workforce needs of the organization.

Information technology (IT)

Cloud Architect: Manages work-related for particular Information technology (IT) that forms the structure of the enterprise-wide Cloud Architecture. Develops cloud-based architectures to fulfill requirement of new and present applications and services.Data Analyst: Contributes come headquarters intelligence development, investigative analyses, and also audit activities. Forensic computer system Analyst: Conducts forensic analyses that digital and other multimedia evidence in assistance of criminal and also administrative investigations. Threat work Specialist: Oversees protective measures and information collected from a variety of resources to prevent and respond to cyber defense threats and also events that happen within the network.

Inspection Service

Forensic Analyst: Conducts forensic analyses on evidence utilizing scientific methodologies, forensic techniques and quality assurance practices. Assists inspectors, law enforcement representatives and prosecutors in matters pertained to forensic examinations.Forensic document Examiner: Conducts forensic record examinations through the applications of scientific practices for the recognition, collection, analysis, and interpretation of physical evidence for criminal and civil law or regulatory purposes. Forensic Latent publish Analyst: Conducts forensic analyses come develop and also identify latent prints (fingerprints) utilizing clinical methodologies in assistance of criminal and also administrative investigations.


Attorney: offers representation and also advice come Postal company officials involving the translate of statues, regulations, contracts, and precedents. Presents cases prior to administrative bodies and also federal courts in the basic law practice areas.


Automotive Mechanic: Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and performs routine repairs and scheduled maintain on all types of engine vehicles supplied in the postal fleet.Automotive Technician: Performs regime and complex repairs and also maintenance top top all varieties of motor vehicles used in the postal fleet. Troubleshoots and also diagnoses more complex vehicle malfunctions using a selection of computerized test equipment. Lead Automotive Tech: serve as a leader for lower-level technicians and also mechanics in a automobile maintenance facility. Personally do the most complex repairs and also maintenance on all varieties of engine vehicles provided in the postal fleet.


Sorting and handling

Support staff

Custodian: Performs hands-on labor duties in connection with custody of an office or building.

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