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ours Lady of La Vang Church

FILE NOS: SP19-028

A one-of-a-kind Use allow for the building of a brand-new church building with a bell pavilion, energy building, and expanded on-site parking ~ above the 2.8-acre project. The suggest church and bell pavilion would total 17,660 square feet v a preferably seating volume of roughly 1,240 occupants. The maximum elevation of the church will certainly reach 47 feet above ground level. The 1,250 square foot utility structure would home the restrooms, bike parking and also a rubbish enclosure. The project likewise proposes an around 10,500 square foot outdoor gathering an are which would certainly consist of a courtyard/meditation area, a 27-foot high statue. And a lawn made use of as a gathering area. The job would remove 43 present trees and provide new landscaping. Secondary 22 parking spaces will be included to the ground-level surface ar parking lot. Steel fencing would certainly be situated along the perimeter that the gathering and meditation areas.


The task site is situated at 389 east Santa Clara Street, in between North Eighth Street and also North 9th Street.

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