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About this item360 level views: revolve the seat from parent-facing come forward-facing and earlier again, no need to remove the seat3 place reclineSwiveling assistance bar with removable snack trayLuxuriously padded and also reversible infant insert through cool mesh top top one side and ultra-soft fleece ~ above the other›See more product details


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we absolutely love our Orbit system. This seat is super comfortable because that our daughter and she loves sitting in it for long walks. Ns love how "customizable" that is - mine daughter is just 4 months old and when she to be smaller, us didn"t need the foot rest, for this reason we simply took the off, and same v the snack tray. Together she grows, us can conveniently put these things earlier on. Ns do have to say, however, the this seat is ridiculously expensive, and also for the price girlfriend pay, it need to come with a an easy sunshade, especially because the Orbit sunshade is more than likely the poorest quality item they sell. The information for this seat states from bear & up, however, us tried placing our daughter in this in ~ 1 month and there to be no means the straps would certainly be chop enough. We tried again at 2 months, and the straps were still pretty loose. Quick forward to 4 months, and the straps on the smallest setting are still loose. My daughter is nearly 14 pounds, for this reason she"s not exactly a teeny baby. I also really dislike the the stroller doesn"t collapse with the chair still attached. That way I have to take this apart to placed it into my car, and that"s a pain when I"m by myself v my baby. It"s additionally a ache to have 2 pieces in the trunk. We just use this for long walks or once she is walk to it is in in the stroller because that a longer period of time, yet honestly, in ~ 4 months, there is no require for this in ~ all; we generally either keep her in the auto seat and put the on the stroller, or I put her in mine wrap. I am guessing we will certainly get much more use out of this as soon as she is older and also we don"t want to pull the toddler vehicle seat out of the car, so ns really don"t recommend this till your child is in the toddler automobile seat or if you take it your kid for walks from her house, whereby you wouldn"t placed them in the car seat in the first place. I also wish over there were an ext recline positions; over there are just 3, however, the reality that the seat lays all the way down is great, and we have used every seat position and like every 3. I, personally, have had no problems with the load of this or the stroller base. This chair is quite light. Our pure favorite feature of the whole system is the 360 swivel. We obtain so countless "ooh"s" and also "aahh"s" over this stroller system and it is SO practically to have the ability to turn her whichever direction without moving the stroller. That feature alone is priceless. The height of this stroller chair is perfect because that sitting approximately a restaurant table or a chair in a waiting room. This seat is additionally much an ext comfortable 보다 the carseat. The is very padded and also cushy. Also, it has actually a lot more room 보다 the carseat and the straps are not therefore cumbersome. My daughter doesn"t choose to it is in in her carseat as soon as the car/stroller isn"t moving, however she has no problems being in this seat once the stroller isn"t moving. It"s a good seat, but for $240, ns think that"s pretty ridiculous... By the time you to buy a sunshade, which you absolutely need if you live wherein there is sunlight or rain, this seat is a $320 seat..... Don"t also get me began on how ridiculous that sunshade price is. We love the Orbit system, however it is ridiculously expensive, and also in the case of this seat and the sunshade, i don"t really think it"s worth what friend pay. Ns really hope we get more use out of this when our daughter is older.