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Before Saitama became the male he is today, that trained and also fought unending to end up being a hero. If every scuffle leaves his tracksuit uniform in tatters, he always has it mended for complimentary thanks to his regional tailor. One day, however, the tailor informs him the he need to close up shop due to pressure from a local gang. Saitama decides to help him out—and gains something irreplaceable in the process.

One beat Man: road to Hero is an anime-exclusive story composed by original creator ONE and collection before the occasions of the key story and also was bundled v the tenth volume the One Punch-Man manga.


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One punch Man: road to Hero ReviewStory (6/10) Fine more Specifically (6.5/10) The story for roadway to Hero is straightforward and well it's basically mirroring the battles Saitama had to go through back when we assuming he's doing his Training through out the year he stated he walk to became the beast us all know him as and with the reality that he still has his hair this entire episode you can pertained to this conclusion fairly quickly. It also shows exactly how he got his outfit and a couple of other amazing things.Art and also Animation (8/10) Very an excellent The Art and also Animation for this was standing alone is very an excellent it looks simply as great as the various other episodes. The isn't noþeles high spending plan related following in this episode and barely any kind of fights are even seen so barely something high maintain on the computer animation side of points where shown in the episode however like I claimed it looks identical to the various other 12 episodes once nothing super stunner is happening so the fine by me.Sound (8/10) Very good Same thing with this section everything sound an extremely good, Opening and Ending are existing no really differences in between this and also the 12 episodes whatever is very an excellent here too.Characters (8/10) very GoodThis illustration revolves roughly Saitama mostly and also secondly his friend that creates the symbol One Punch male outfit because that him. His character is very an excellent as we check out his battles of keeping his save afloat an excellent character development for the old geezer together he *SPOILER* end up offering in to his age and the times because that retirement. Enjoyment (7/10) GoodObviously the highest enjoyments as soon as it concerns the collection One Punch man are the end the top and hype moments the series brings come the table, after that enjoyment lays on to the comedy aspect and also then the yes, really story. So because this is based on Saitama before he went bald all the exaggeration hype moments are really present for the episode. As for comedy there space a couple of funny moments in the episode however nothing that made me laugh my ass off like the other episodes. And also so we space down to story and also learning about what Saitama had actually to go v to gain to where he his as far as his outfit and where he's living is interesting and also enjoying enough to an degree for one episode.Overall (7/10) GoodMore especially (7.50/10)This to be a great episode you can absolutely consider this a flashback illustration which currently these work aren't yes, really liked about here however it was great for what the was. Nothing as well crazy and amazing but more on the funny/informational next of things as soon as it concerned One Punch male this is a great watch if you desire to just know more about Saitama.