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(Slowly, almost spoken)In these days of flying saucers and also SputniksYou expect practically anything come happenThe Thing, The Fly, The Mole People, The Gamma PeopleThe Indestructible Fossil Man, The remarkable Colossal ManThe body Snatchers, The High remarkable BrainScratchersI was a teenage werewolf, i was a 50 foot woman!And various other unidentifiable paris objectsI dismissed them all together being scientific research fictionThey belonged on a library shelfBut below I am dealing with contradiction"Cause it happened to me myselfThe skies turned red, and then that turned greenI couldn"t capture my breathAnd climate there to be a roar of thunderThat scared me fifty percent to deathThen I observed it, yeah, I witnessed it, yes(Sung fast, upbeat)I experienced a point a-coming out of the skyIt had actually one lengthy horn and also one large eyeI commenced shaking and I said, "ooo-ee!""It looks like a purple world eater to me!"We had actually one live, one horned flying purple world eaterOne eyed, one horned flying purple people eaterOne eyed, one horned paris purple civilization eaterSure watch strange come me!Well the came under to Earth and he lit in a treeI said, "Mister Purple people Eater, don"t eat me!"He looked at me, and then he said"I wouldn"t eat friend "cause girlfriend is red"One eyed paris purple civilization eaterOne horned paris purple world eaterOne eyed, one horned flying purple people eaterSure look at strange come me!I said, "Mister Purple civilization Eater, what"s her line?"He said, "eating purple people, and it certain is fine""But that"s no the factor that I involved land""I wanna get a task in a absent "n" roll band"Well whisper so, absent "n" roll, flying purple peopleEaterPigeon toed, undergrowed, paris purple world eaterHe wears quick shorts, flying purple civilization eaterSure look at strange to me!Well, that went top top his way, and also then whadda"ya know?I saw him critical night on the Sullivan showBlowing it out, really knocking "em deadBlowing violet music v the horn in his headWell bless my soul! rock "n" roll! Flying violet peopleEater!Pigeon toed, undergrowed, paris purple civilization eaterSo every you blue people, every you red people, betterWatch what friend doOr rather the purple human being eaters can eat you