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Each thing will include a couple of questions draft to check your expertise of material covered in the chapter and also in the Internet-based resources. Your answers are not gift recorded. Try the following. What is the name of the Mesozoic supercontinent the consisted of every one of the present continents?Eurasia LaurasiaPangaeaGondwanalandWhen walk the supercontinent Pangaea start to break apart?about 10,000 year ago around 10 million year agoabout 200 million year agoabout 570 million year agoWhat two researchers proposed the theory of seafloor dispersing in he beforehand 1960s?Charles Darwin and also James Hutton harry Hess and Robert DietzJohn Butler and also Arthur SmiteF. Vine and D. MathewsThe concept of plate tectonics was widely embraced by __________ . The end of the 19th century about 1950about 1960about 1970What period are the fossils that the reptile Mesosaurus uncovered in Africa and South America that argued that the two continents were when together?early Cenozoic so late Mesozoicearly Mesozoiclate PaleozoicApproximately how many lithospheric plates space there?about 3about 6about 12about 24Which key is gift subducted in ~ western south America?the Pacific platethe southern American platethe Nazca platethe south Atlantic plateHow old are the earliest oceanic crustal basalts?about 20 million year old around 4.0 billion years oldabout 200 million year oldabout 570 million years oldNew oceanic lithosphere creates at __________ . Divergent plate borders convergent plate boundariestransform key boundariesall that these room possibleWhich of the adhering to is not a divergent plate boundary?the great Rift sink of eastern Africa the eastern Pacific Risethe san Andreas faultthe Mid-Atlantic Ridge Partial melting and also the manufacturing of magma takes ar at ________ . Divergent plate boundaries ocean-ocean convergent plate boundariesocean-continent key boundariesall the theseAt what kind of key boundary execute shallow-focus earthquakes occur?convergent divergenttransformall the theseThe Hawaiian Islands formed at a _________ . Convergent boundary divergent boundarytransform boundarynone that theseWhich the the following are not associated with convergent plate margins?deep-focus earthquakes rift valleysisland arcsdeep-sea trenchesThe north American key is bounded by _________ key boundariesconvergent divergenttransformconvergent, divergent, and transformThe east shore of north America to represent a _________ . Convergent border divergent boundarytransform boundarynon of theseWhat are ophiolite suites?fragments the oceanic lithosphere emplaced ~ above a continent teams of seafloor magnetic anomalieswedge-shaped packages of sediments that form at passive marginsmicro-continents that have actually traveled a lengthy distanceTransform faults ___________ . Often offset dispersing centers have the right to cut throughout continentsinvolve horizontal movementall that theseStretching stresses, basaltic lavas, and also shallow earthquakes are connected with ______ . Subduction zones continent/continent convergencespreading centerstransform boundariesCompressive stresses, granitic magmas, and intermediate depth earthquakes are associated with __________subduction zones continent/continent convergencespreading centerstransform boundariesShearing stresses and also shallow earthquakes are linked with:subduction area continent/continent convergencespreading centerstransform boundariesIf the Atlantic s is widening in ~ a price of 3 cm per year how far (in kilometers) will certainly it spread out in a million years?300 kilometers 30 kilometers30 miles3 kilometersIn 50 million years? 150 kilometers 1000 kilometers1500 kilometers30 kilometersAt convergent plate borders where oceanic and continental crust fulfill _________ . No associated volcanism occursoceanic late is subductedcontinental late is subductedoceanic crust is createdOne exceptional realization connected with the exploration of seafloor spreadingwas the _____________ .the crust of the continents is an ext dense than the late of the oceanthe late of the oceans is very young family member to the age of the crust of the continentsmountains are an ext dense than then mantlethe rotational poles the the earth have migrated.Which segment that the Atlantic s opened first?northernsoutherncentralit all opened up at the same timeIf the Pacific plate and the phibìc American plate continue to relocate in the very same sense, Los Angeles and San Francisco will at some point lie in ~ the same latitude True False I once saw a bumper sticker that stated "Reunite Gondwanaland". I beg your pardon of the complying with would no be component of this reconstruction?AntacrticaAustraliaIndia south of the HimayalaNorth America Loihi excites geologists due to the fact that it to represent a:new instrument for detecting volcanic gasses new instrument because that detecting lava compositionsatellite than have the right to monitor worldwide volcanic activitya new volcano that is the youngest in the Hawaiian Island chain.Which of the complying with is no a chain of volcano islands connected with ocean-ocean convergence?the Aleutian islands the Hawaiian Islandsthe Mariana Islandsthe Philippine IslandsVolcanic island arcs are associated with __________ . Change plate boundaries divergent key boundariesocean-ocean convergent bowl boundariesocean-continent convergent bowl boundariesMelange store are linked with ______ . Divergent limits subduction marginstransform boundariesall of theseWhich of the following mountains go not type as a an outcome of collision in between two continents?Appalachians UralsAndesHimalayasCrustal blocks that happen within orogenic belts whose rocks and also structures comparison sharply with adjacent provinces are referred to as ________ .

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Ophiolites suturesmicroplatesisland arcsWhich of the adhering to increases with distance native a mid-ocean ridge? the age of oceanic lithosphere the depth to the sea floorthe thickness of the lithosphere every one of the above
The overcome section over depicts magnetized oceanic crust in ~ a dispersing center. The "+" symbol indicates normal magnetic bands and the "-" symbol suggests reversed magnetic bands.How plenty of reversals that the Earth"s magnetic field are portrayed in the diagram?3 467 How fast are C and D spreading apart from every other?about 2 centimeters every year around 5 centimeters every yearabout 10 centimeters every yearabout 100 centimeters per year currently on the seafloor that connect rocks the the same age are referred to as _________.isograds isotopesisochronsisostasyThe east coastline of phibìc America represents a ___________.convergent plate boundary divergent bowl boundarya transform plate boundarythe east shore of north America is no a key boundaryWhat space ophiolite suites?fragments of oceanic lithosphere emplaced ~ above a continent teams of seafloor magnetic anomalieswedge-shaped packages the sediment that type at passive marginsmicro-continents that have traveled a lengthy distance
The diagram above represents one ophiolite suiteWhich of the following rock types would you least expect to find in great 1?chert limestonesandstoneshaleWhat form of rocks consist of layer 2basalt gabbrograniteultramaficsWhat form of rocks consist of layer 3basalt gabbrograniteultramaficsWhere is the Moho in this diagram?between layers 1 and also 2 in between layers 2 and also 3between class 3 and the ultramafic rocksbeneath the ultramaficsWhich 2 layers have the same chemical composition?layers 1 and also 2layers 1 and also 3layers 2 and 3layer 3 and also the ultramaficsHow large are the decision mush zones (magma chambers) in ~ mid-ocean ridges?1 kilometer10 kilometers100 kilometers500 kilometersSedimentary rocks laid down in a progressively subsiding container along a receding continental margin are called __________.continental shelf shop ophiolite suitesmelange depositsfluvial depositsVolcanic island arcs are associated with _________.transform plate limits divergent key boundariesocean-ocean convergent key boundariesocean-continent convergent plate boundaries
What is the topographic feature at A calledoceanic basinoceanic riftspreading centeroceanic trenchFeature B, referred to as a __________, is composed of chaotically mixed and deformed rocks.forearc basinmelangesutureturbiditeWhat type of metamorphism occurs in an ar B?high temperature, low pressurelow temperature, high pressurehigh temperature, high pressurelow temperature, low pressureWhich the the complying with locations might be stood for by this diagram??east coast of Africaeast coast of southern Americawest coastline of southern Americaeast coastline of phibìc America shot These to fill Ins
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