Brings the air to body temperatureWarms up the air Diffusion of gasesCleans increase the air 
Solution: Answer: cSolution: Diffusion of gases is a physics phenomenon the takes place between the tissue and blood vessels, and does no occur throughout breathing vice versa, bringing air to the human body temperature, that is cleaning and warming occurs during the procedure of breathing.

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Assertion : Emphysema is the long-term abnormal inflation that air space of terminal bronchioles or alveolar sacs. factors : devastation of pulmonary organization specially alveolar septa and also flattening that alveolar ducts occur in emphysema.

Given below is a perform of various steps (i-vi) associated in respiration. (i) Utilisation that O2​ by the cells because that cataolic reactions. (ii) transport of gases by the blood. (iii) Pulmonary ventilation by which atmospheric air is drawn in and also CO2​ is released out. (iv) relax of resultant CO2​. (v) Diffusion of O2​ and also CO2​ between blood and also tissues. (vi) Diffusion the gases (O2​ and also CO2​) throughout alveolar tissues. select an choice which has correct sequence of all the steps.

Consider for following four statements and select the exactly option beginning which ones space true (T) and which ones are flase (F). (i) Expiration is typically brough around by the be safe of inspiratory muscles. (ii) Oxyhaemoglobin have the right to hold much less carbon dioxide in the type of carbaminohaemoglobin than what deoxyhaemoglobin can. (iii) A person can expel every the wait from the lung by a forceful expiration. (iv) A increase in PCO2​ rises the oxygen-affinity that haemoglobin.

Although lot CO2​ is lugged in blood, yet blood walk not end up being acidic, because

Given below are few respiratory disorders. Determine occupoational respiratory tract disorders among these. (i) Coryza , (ii) SARS (iii) Silicosis , (iv) Asbestosis (v) Emphysema

Match obelisk I with pillar II and select the correct choice from the codes given below. A.B.C.​Column ITV + ERVRV + ERV + TV + IRVERV + RV​(i)(ii)(iii)​Column IIExπra→ryCapacityTotal Lung CapacityFunctional Residual Capacity​.

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Study the given figure of respiratory tract passage carefully and identify the parts labelled together A, B, C, D and also E.

Name the essential parts associated in producing a press gradient between lungs and also the atmosphere during normal respiration.