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The begin of the brand-new decade brings united state a hot new juniorg8.comuple, together Kylie’s ex Olivier Martinez is snapped the end and about with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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Kylie Minogue’s ex Olivier Martinez has started the brand-new decade in style, with a hot new flame top top his arm in the form of design Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Despite gift half his age, the 22-year-old Victoria’s secret model weljuniorg8.commed in the brand-new Year v her new man in Paris.

On New Year’s Eve the pair were snapped leaving Martinez’s apartment follow me the Seine, prior to keeping warm with soup and juniorg8.comffee in the luxury Le Pre Aux Clercs restaurant.

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The pair have actually reportedly to be seeing each other because meeting in ~ the Victoria’s an enig fashion show back in November – which featured miss out on Huntington-Whiteley together the an initial ever british Victoria’s an enig Angel.

Rosie make her means out to Paris on Tuesday to spend new Year’s Eve v Olivier, whereby he took she to a family members friend’s party,’ says a source close come the pair.

‘They have actually seen each other a juniorg8.comuple the times since the Victoria’s secret show but this expedition proves they are well and truly a juniorg8.comuple.’

Rosie broke up v boyfriend Tyrone Wood less than two weeks before meeting the French actor – who turns 44 following week.

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Hottest brand-new juniorg8.comuple the 2010? watch this space…

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