Prod. by FrozenGangBeatz ( https://juniorg8.com/frozengangbeatz )Frayed (6/7)sitting in the motherfucking dirt just hurtconstantly bitching about you never before obtain the shit that you deservewhile you rotting on the curb ima take off via the birdswaiting for the appropriate time however for me currently workswe forever produce levels hit the lever kill the powereexceptionally dot a witching hour on the clock upon the manteldont be acting like you psychological you dont really wanna feel ithearing what aint really tright here seeing what you understand you isntexhale blow the leaves spilgrimage search all the treesbones favor his forest sharp leave if you dont want to bleedall they wanna be is me all i wanna perform is leavei contaminate the minds of the viewers of the slangfuckand i thought it would be differentstill the exact same message dont care if you listeningand you usage to be doubtfulyou play the game but sesh make the consolejust how many fucking times carry out i gotta go and also say ityou aint fucking with us touching anything we fucking madethey watch then repeat via their own shityet theyll never before duplicate the flow bitchif it aint sesh then you know i dont know itif it aint our present tbelow aint no point in goini am what they notthey land also in the rocksim a motherfucking problemi aim for the brush however i arrived on the topthis a good little bit spot i know

Genre SESH

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