Ansel Adams, inspiration Point, Morning, Yosemite 1976. Photograph by Alan Ross, taken may 9, 1976 while Ansel was making Polaroid prints for his investment portfolio VII.

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Photographer Ansel Adams’ mastery that the tool is top top full screen in Oak Tree, snow Storm, Yosemite, from portfolio One (1948), available in ours Photographs: Then and Now revenue on juniorg8.com Auctions. Widely thought about one that Adams’ most important and also celebrated works, Oak Tree, snow Storm, Yosemite showcases the photographer’s fist to light’s complexities and his sensitivity to tonal range. 

This certain snow-covered oak tree in Yosemite was a topic Adams returned to on plenty of occasions throughout his career. A technical understand of his craft, Adams led the way for generations the photographers ~ him v his trial and error with irradiate gradations, levels of exposure, and new techniques. 


Ansel Adams, Oak Tree, snow Storm, Yosemite, from investment portfolio One (1948). Courtesy the juniorg8.com Auctions.

Over the critical 12 years, just two vintage prints of Oak Tree, snow Storm, Yosemite in the 8×10’’ layout have been sold on the public market (the print readily available in our Photographs: Then and also Now revenue marks the third occasion). One was marketed in 2017 because that $34,375 at Doyle brand-new York, and in other in 2008, fetching $25,000 at Sotheby’s new York. Between the ever-fluctuating photography market, the industry for this print has remained stable, with countless sales between 2002 and 2008 achieving almost everywhere from $14,000 to $31,000. Juniorg8.com Auctions’ estimate of $18,000–25,000 puts this photo in very reasonable range, presenting a solid opportunity to collect a rare work-related at a great price. 


Adams lots often tend to sell best in their estimated price range or slightly above it, denoting a predictable, active, and stable market.

What’s more, this print originates from a far-ranging portfolio, Portfolio One, which had special an interpretation to Adams. “This repertoire is, in a way, a an individual autobiography in photographic images, the an option of which is based on emotional impulse and personal experience fairly than an pundit or historic judgment,” he said of the collection, which he had specialized to Alfred Stieglitz.

Adams to be renowned because that his extraordinary work in the darkroom and printed every image for every investment portfolio himself. Vintage prints of Oak Tree, snow Storm, Yosemite from Portfolio One are part of the irreversible collections of the san Francisco Museum of modern Art, the Portland arts Museum, and the Museum of modern-day Photography, Chicago. 

Over the years, the market for Adams only proceeds to grow. Simply last month in ~ Phillips, a mural size publish sold for $412,500, achieving one of the peak 12 results in the artist’s auction history. As the many established standard photographer ~ above the major and an additional markets, Ansel Adams’ job-related is found in the long-term collection of nearly every significant public institution. Don’t miss the chance to include his work to your arsenal — live for bidding now through august 11.

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*Lead photo by Alan Ross

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