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Low seasonAugustBest time come beat the crowds through an mean 35% fall in price.High seasonDecemberMost popular time to fly through an mean 25% increase in price.Average price round-trip$237(avg. Price end the critical 2 weeks)Good transaction round-trip$217or lessGood deal one-way$153or less

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trying to find a cheap flight? 25% of ours users discovered flights ~ above this path for $153 or less one-way and $217 or less round-trip. The cheapest flight from Newark Liberty Airport to Detroit was found 81 days prior to departure, on average. book at the very least 2 weeks before departure in stimulate to acquire a below-average price. High season is taken into consideration to be November, December and also January. The cheapest month to paris is August. Morning exit is around 6% much more expensive 보다 an night flight, ~ above average*.
*Average of the shortest prices shown in’s search outcomes for departures within the next 30 days

FAQs because that booking Newark Liberty Airport come Detroit flights

which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights from Newark to Detroit city Wayne County due to COVID-19?

unified Airlines, wait Canada and Delta have actually all waived their readjust and cancellation fees top top flights indigenous Newark to Detroit metropolitan Wayne County. Confirm plans on booking site.

how long go a flight from Newark Liberty Airport to Detroit take?

A direct flight come Detroit will certainly take on mean 2h 01m to take trip the 486 miles flying street from Newark Liberty Airport.

How many flights space there between Newark Liberty Airport and Detroit?

86 direct flights run in between Newark Liberty Airport and Detroit on a day-to-day basis. ~ above average, there are about 605 departures every week.

do I need a passport come fly in between Newark Liberty Airport and also Detroit?


Which airlines fly many frequently in between Newark Liberty Airport and also Detroit?

In typical times, united Airlines paris from Newark Liberty Airport come Detroit up to 18 times every day, air Canada approximately 17 times every day, and also Virgin Atlantic approximately 16 times every day.

those the cheapest work of the main to fly from Newark Liberty Airport come Detroit?

as soon as flying from Newark Liberty Airport to Detroit, friend should take into consideration leaving top top a Wednesday and also avoid Thursdays if girlfriend are trying to find the ideal rates. Because that your go back to Newark Liberty Airport, you’ll uncover the ideal rates on Wednesdays and the most expensive ones on Tuesdays.

i m sorry airports will I it is in using once flying indigenous Newark Liberty Airport come Detroit?

Newark Liberty plane airport is dubbed Newark and the only airport in Detroit is Detroit urban Wayne County.

exactly how does discover such short prices ~ above flights from Newark Liberty Airport to Detroit? is a take trip search engine. That means we look across the internet to find the finest prices we can find for ours users. Through over 2 billion trip queries processed yearly, we are able to screen a selection of prices and choices on flights from Newark Liberty Airport come Detroit.

just how does"s flight Price estimate tool assist me select the best time come buy my flight ticket native Newark Liberty Airport to Detroit?’s flight Price projection tool uses historical data to identify whether the price because that a flight to Detroit indigenous Newark Liberty airport is most likely to adjust within 7 days, so travelers recognize whether come wait or publication now.

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights from Newark Liberty Airport come Detroit?

Hacker Fares permit you to integrate one-way ticket in bespeak to conserve you money over a classic round-trip ticket. You can then fly to Detroit v an airline and ago to Newark Liberty plane with one more airline.

What is"s "flexible dates" feature and why should I treatment when in search of a trip from Newark Liberty Airport come Detroit?

periodically travel dates aren"t set in stone. If your desired travel days have part wiggle room, flexible days will present you every the alternatives when paris to Detroit indigenous Newark Liberty Airport approximately 3 job before/after your wanted dates. You have the right to then choose the flights the suit you best.

Top airlines flying Newark to Detroit city Wayne County

Scores according to customer reviews

Delta 7.9 spirit Airlines 5.6
as whole score based on 29,967 reviews
to chat
Airline reviews
Cons: "Flight to be delayed resulting in the connection impossible. Delta provides no method to connect directly with a person making rebooking impossible. The absence of treatment destroyed our household reunion."

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Cons: "Not shedding my bag on a straight flight"

Pros: "The screens, quality, travel, attendants"

Pros: "The trip from EWR to MSP was extremely quiet. No loud engine noises." Cons: "We were vert disappointed in ~ the Newark airplane - the Delta society was closed and there had actually been no notice prior to arriving at the airport. I definitely missed that beforehand morning coffee."

Cons: "The leave row door in 12B kept making a high pitch squealing noise...very unnerving"

Pros: "Flight endure was good" Cons: "Delayed bording 1.5 hours because of staffing issues"

Pros: "The crew was nice." Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "Having cocktails available on-board"

Cons: "Boarding announcements were hardly audible. We decided comfort seats because that extra payment yet that quiet did not rotate out to be lull class. Chair classes are confusing. No temperature was taken before boarding."

Cons: "The wheel to mine luggage broke off in deltas care so if that might have not taken place it would have actually been way better."

Cons: "Everything was an excellent and go smoothly."

Cons: "Love delta. Every little thing was excellent"

Pros: "Crew was very nice and also accommodating" Cons: "Food service"

Pros: "Great crew" Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Clear announcements, nicely declared mask rem8nders, facility seats open"

Pros: "Very clean, kind w mask instructions, choose boarding back to front"

Pros: "I favored the reality I was put right into a quality seat after I had actually booked a normal economic climate seat. Pretty upgrade. I got lots of foot room." Cons: "The flight was delayed since of a maintenance issue. We consisted of some of the time, however it was an issue."

Pros: "I love the the aircraft has extra space available between seats (with no one in the middle) & the everyone was urged to store their mask ~ above at every times."

Pros: "Crew to be wonderful" Cons: "This COVID to it is in over"

Pros: "Very spacious." Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "Comfier seats"

Pros: "Sanitized, open center seats, comfortable" Cons: "We to be stuck top top the tarmac for 40+ minutes due to our gate being clogged by one more plane. We almost missed our connection and also had to run with the airport v our luggage and the staff at our 2nd gate yelling “hurry up” at us prefer it to be our fault."

Pros: "Seat size" Cons: "Everything was simply fine"

Cons: "We had actually a 2.5 hour delay because there to be someone missing in the crew. That sounded choose it hadn’t been appropriately planned for the trip so it to be frustrating. However, when that human showed up, everything was great and the crew was really sweet"

Pros: "Covid security protocols and people adhering to was excellent." Cons: "Serve alcohol :)"

Pros: "One trip attendant was adamant about a passenger across from me, covering his nose and also mouth throughout the flight and also constantly confirm to make certain he was following the rules." Cons: "The safety instructions part of the trip was no thorough. They just held up the big card and stood there. No true demonstration which was vital to me as I to be sitting in the emergency departure row."

Pros: "As expected of Delta. V Covid, also the food company understandably to be limited. They had prepackaged goodies, albeit not much flexibility, but I had no complaints. Mid heat was empty every Covid, for trip comfort, this was somewhat a plus. Learning air to be filtered with HEPA filters every 2 minutes v fresh oxygen and outside waiting mix was likewise reassuring."

Pros: "Great crew and also friendly"

Pros: "Everything to be amazing" Cons: "Nothing really."

Cons: "Well if my future dad in regulation was on the trip it would have actually been wonderful, however he passed far July 7th, and also I did obtain refunded, and we are mourning his loss and keep acquiring notifications around the flight and emails which renders it very challenging mentally. For this reason it would certainly be nice if Delta would gain their procedure of refunds particularly when it"s a death to perhaps not acquire notified. I was the one that purchased the tickets because that him in April."

Pros: "Crew great....moved passengers around near us for Covid connected separation." Cons: "Cramped.....too plenty of seats in too tiny of a plane....I"m 6ft / 190 lbs"

Pros: "Crew was really attentive. Ns appreciated the extra spacing in between passengers." Cons: "I would have liked to check out alcohol served."

Pros: "Crew to be night chair sucked plane was cramped"

Pros: "Empty middle seat; disinfectant wipes. I recognize these actions were implemented due to the fact that of COVID yet I wouldn’t mind having actually these last previous the pandemic!"

Pros: "Good" Cons: "Good because that now"

Cons: "There should not be a pay wall surface around the internet in today"s day and also age"

Pros: "The aircraft was very new everything was good" Cons: "Nothing considering the situation"

Cons: "The food company on the 3 hour leg however we knew the ahead that time so..."

Cons: "Best option across the pond, impressive upgrade prices"

Pros: "It was horrible. Delta yes, really should have cancelled and also refunded the flight altogether."

Pros: "The entertainment to be good." Cons: "The examine in and also boarding process in Incheon was terrible! My trip ticket to be printed and had the not correct name, i m sorry the certified dealer at the examine in desk did not catch. It was not till I went to the defense line when they found a mismatched name. Ns was asked to walk through defense THREE TIMES. And then at the gate, ns was supposedly "randomly selected" for an additional swab/swipe defense check. The trip itself to be uncomfortable. There are not sufficient bathrooms because that the variety of people sit on the flight. The entertainment to be the just excellent and also recommendable thing around this delta flight."

Pros: "Overall experience was awesome. Constantly love to fly delta. Quite spacious and clean aircraft. Enjoyed the entertain system."

Pros: "The KLM ground employee were incredibly helpful and reassuring as soon as there was confusion v my ticket." Cons: "I booked KLM flights (Cork - Tampa return) however the planes were in truth Aer Lingus and also Delta. Therefore I have no idea what KLM is like. Once I confirm in at Cork the ground staff might only give me a boarding map for the an initial flight. Because that the second one she claimed I would have to go to the Delta respond to in Amsterdam. That was difficult to discover a counter there or staff as check-in was every by computer. The computer kept saying "error" as soon as I placed in mine code. I eventually was directed to a KLM workdesk (nicely hidden). I was told the my chair no longer existed. In ~ this point the trip was all set to board. Thankfully the KLM ground staff were very helpful and also reassuring and also upgraded mine ticket to economic situation comfort. On the method back, I might only acquire a boarding map for my very first flight. The second two I had to collection at the boarding gate of the second flight."

Pros: "I"ve always wanted to walk to all 5 Manhattan boroughs in one day. Many thanks to Delta, that happened." Cons: "The plane broke under as we were around to take off. Delta rebooked anyone on to new flights due to the fact that it was pretty apparent that airplane was no going to be addressed in time. The crew did their best given the situation. The situation was absolute bs despite - we had to take it a cab come JFK because that our brand-new flight and do the entirety security point again and also all that annoying stuff. Many thanks for wasting 8 hrs of my life, Delta."

Cons: "Dutch below titels ~ above fims would certainly be good"

Pros: "1. Smooth flight itself and informed through captain fine on intended time of come with frequent updates" Cons: "1. I currently had a tight connection and also let the flight attendant know that ns was came to due come the delay. She seemed very laissez faire and also there to be no information about the relationships gate overhead or when I gained off the plane. I think that if the flight is delayed, the airline must let passengers understand where the close link gate assignments space to save them time (my trip landed ten minutes after my link was boarding). 2. The carry on luggage section was impossibly little so I had to gatecheck my bag and also it took 5 minutes to acquire my bag back. Given the chop connection, this created added anxiety."

Pros: "Couldn’t uncover a thing." Cons: "My husband booked West Jet by phone. Castle spelled my name wrong top top the ticket i m sorry caused hours of delays tryng to inspect in...ultimately causing our absent the flight. The time invested was roughly 6 hours....4 of lock the to be on one constant phone call where we were bumped ago and forth in between West Jet and also Delta. The problem was never fixed and we haven’t flown residence yet. Us have new flights booked on Delta yet only due to the fact that Delta took pity....West Jet go no refunds or reticketing. If flights room missed you"re out on of luck!"

Pros: "I paid just $100 much more round pilgrimage to DTW native SLC then i would have with various other carriers, minus the hassle of connecting flights and paying fees the they don"t phone call you about up prior (like $25 because that a carry-on bag, oh and also a one more $12 per leg for a window seat). My experience, like my vault Delta experiences to be absolutely enjoyable. Native the fast boarding, supervisor friendly door agents, and flight crew, come the totally free on plank entertainment, Delta has won me over as soon as again. Oh and also did I point out how good it is to plank a flight, relax and also watch a great movie, take a little nap, and deplane at her destination! Awesome!!"

Pros: "There wasn"t lot to like. Just about everything was wrong. The airplane was a newish 787, so the didn"t feel old. Boarding go well since we complained about how worn down we, at 70+, were due to the fact that the trip was late and also we"d been standing up; this resulted in us being boarded with few of the latish priority passengers." Cons: "Everything, really. The aircraft was very crowded; small seats, small leg room. The meals to be mediocre and also the cabin staff were simply barely the an excellent side of unhelpful, officious and unfriendly The flight was inexplicably 2 hours or much more late in wonderful weather. No apologies given, the trip that was originally scheduled because that 8 afternoon left close to 11 pm. If boarding the just light is a purplish ambient lighting that made it impossible to read anything, including the safety material, till the inflight to chat was invited up (the lights are only controlled through software-actuated online buttons top top the screen). The inflight entertainment mechanism is hard to use, too, designed by idiots for usage by geniuses. But the very worst point was the stress led to by Virgin Atlantic in just around guaranteeing that us would miss this flight. On our outbound voyage in January, VA, for reasons nobody knows, booked an additional leg indigenous JHB to CPT ~ above BA at 12:30 pm, even though us were currently ON the previously 9:30 BA flight we"d booked and also paid for. Then, when we didn"t present up because that this spurious flight (because us were currently in the air) we didn"t book (BA swears lock have proof that VA made this booking), our return trip CPT come JBG 3 months later was cancelled there is no OUR KNOWLEDGE. If ns hadn"t been interested in knowing, the day prior to the flight, if the return BA flight had a meal, i would have actually showed up at the CPT plane in April and discovered that I had no method to gain to the VA trip in JHB! together it was ns spent whole day trying come get ago on the trip I"d already paid for. I advise EVERYONE who provides VA to reconfirm flights over and also over. There is quiet no explanation because that this. Ns will never NEVER fly VA again. They are not to be trusted."

Cons: "Everything was great"

Pros: "They enforced covid protocols" Cons: "Free soft drinks"

Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "The airlines cancelled the flight an hour before. Then only available a refund or a flight 24hrs later."

Pros: "Process to be easy." Cons: "Crew company could it is in better. On my first flight to Houston indigenous Detroit, one particular crew member could be better. I was sitting in in between my household & had actually taken my mask turn off for minute & one of the agents (who was a human of color) had told me to put my mask on i beg your pardon is 100% fully fair because it is the rule, so correct she to be right. But there to be a human being next, in front and diagonally all with their mask off too (also human being of shade like the agent) and the agent did no tell them to placed their mask on other than for me which I assumed that to be discrimination & did not appreciate that. Also that same agent, ns was looking in ~ the food food selection & ~ she called me i can’t usage cash (that’s all i had) she go away prior to I also finishing speaking. This certified dealer was no pleasant at ALL."

Pros: "We left ~ above time" Cons: "The whole row behind me to be super loud during most the the trip yet the crew didn’t say anything. At one suggest they started ordering alcohol and chilling prefer they were in a bbq. Among them standing and chilling v her drink. Laughing at sight loud, the male behind me kicking mine seat again and also again reason spirit has actually no room and of course over there wasn’t a selection to be moved reason in the middle of a pandemic the trip was packed!"

Pros: "Nothing to be enjoyable other than the price, yet JetBlue that ten times better for just a tiny little more." Cons: "The cabin was out of control. Civilization were running around, cursing, no wearing masks. The crew walk nothing around it. The seats to be wildly uncomfortable. There to be no food, no entertainment, no comfort. I will not it is in flying heart again uneven they"re my only option."

Pros: "Had a seat between the other passenger and I." Cons: "The attendant in ~ the workdesk did not wear a mask"

Pros: "It to be pretty quick and also simple" Cons: "The boarding pass didn’t work directly from mine phone, I had to manually print one to present it around. In this time and age that appears old fashion."

Pros: "The crew was good at enforcing mask policy" Cons: "The seating is therefore uncomfortable. The baggage limits and also fees room robbery."

Pros: "Friendly staff flight time was early or top top schedule If you favor techy deal type plane trips were you are little or light sufficient to be comfortable on the seats it can be for you." Cons: "Did not favor the seats - lock did not recline at all and also you space packed in over there so tight that there is no breath room. They charge you because that just around anything extra and also it appears that they use every trick in the book to get human being to mess up so they have the right to charge you even more. Will never ever fly heart again unless it is the critical plane accessible and is less then 2 hours flight time. The totality experience yelled cheap!!!! except the amount of paint it takes to cover the whole airplane in yellow? What around spending a little an ext on comfort for passengers then outside appearances?"

Cons: "Spirit isn’t an airline for constant travelers. The aircraft is constantly delayed come depart as result of beionh critical in heat after reputable airlines, files the have inspect in counters in popular airports or situated on bottom levels, not accommodating for travelers the missed flights, and last however not the very least their luggage weight needs are very low compared to all various other airlines. The normal need is 50lbs and Spirit is 40 therefore one confirm bag is $70. By the time you pay for every solitary detail you might be on a Delta Airline through complementary Biscotti and also water!"

Pros: "Pilots go their project well. Smooth and safe flight." Cons: "The flight attendants were incredibly rude. As soon as boarding I simply asked a lady and her nephew if they would be ready to profession seats as result of my girlfriends anxiety during flights I wanted to be beside her. Instantly the trip attendant jumps top top me saying "oh no this morning, no doing musical chairs today." ns wasn"t demanding anything just asking a question to comfort a person uncomfortable with flying. Throughout the trip the crew was incredibly loud, I remained in the really last heat of the seating, as the flight went on they were almost at a yelling level informing each various other stories. Likewise my girlfriend over-heard some really rude comments from the flight attendants when I acquired up to walk to the bathroom. Will not fly soul again."

Pros: "Boarding to be easy" Cons: "Not roomy, top top the returning trip the person behind me kicked mine chair the whole flight on top of being surrounding by kids on the trip there and also back. They must at the very least let you know you"re surrounding by crying babies ns would have actually never booked or paid much more to no sit around it. I understand civilization have come travel with kids however it to be my just vacation wouldn"t fly heart again. On optimal of I called spirit airline to help extend mine flight and also the guy couldnt/wouldn"t aid me called me to check online, however their device that job was no cooperating"

Pros: "Left ~ above time." Cons: "The sitting is absolutely Ridiculous. Over there is no legroom, you cannot put your chair back anymore., They offer snacks because that you to buy , and they are very overpriced. They advertise the the factor for this is to do the flights cheaper however, they fee you for carry-on luggage and also checked luggage, If you choose your own seats, and as pointed out food and also beverage. So how can there be cheaper? If you have actually a family of 4 you’re paying at least $125 an ext per person. Was no happy through spirit."

Cons: "I payed extra because that a huge seat up front by the home window and when I boarded the plane A young mrs was sit in my seat v 2 german shephards by she seat asking if i wouldn"t mind switching to the ailse seat to permit her dogs more room. Being polite ns went together with it yet was annoyed the totality flight. Her dogs to be spilling right into my seat and had the pleasure of dog breath wofting as much as my seat and a shephards head resting on my ankles half of my 5 hour flight. Noone top top the crew seemed to think this was the end of the ordinary however. Will be avoiding spirit from currently on. Not paying an extra $100 dollars for that kind of situation."

Pros: "Getting to Detroit safe" Cons: "Being herded like livestock into the aircraft and climate told for the fourth time delayed again yet this time you are stuck on the aircraft for a hour and a half. Then we lastly arrive in Detroit 3hours late and also 3 various other united flights that arrived after us gain their baggage before us. It"s prefer they hosted our bags were hosted hostage. Waited again because that a hour because that luggage in Detroit. It"s like flying provides them the right to your property and also treat your horrible. I"m every done I would certainly assume it"s kinda prefer jail however I have actually not damaged laws. Dreadful expierence. Never fly spirit"

Cons: "It to be delayed so lot that I had actually to re-book for this reason that i wouldn"t be stranded top top my connection waiting on standby. Costs for rebooking were over $100, i m sorry I had actually to pay out of pocket if I wanted to guarantee that ns would obtain to mine destination. Critical time ns flew v Spirit, your delays make me miss out on my connection and was stranded overnight. So ns guess the Spirit"s negative planning and also delays median that I will either need to pay dual or be stranded, but at least I recognize that with spirit I can always count on being late."

Pros: "There was nothing come like." Cons: "They delayed our trip twice, then eventually cancelled the flight. Trouble is, us drove 9 hours from Salt Lake City come Denver in stimulate to obtain these cheap flights. Us were top to visit family and had things booked for the next day, including tickets come a baseball game. They told us we had to wait 24 hrs for their next flight out, and also by this suggest we weren"t sure that flight wouldn"t it is in cancelled together well. They stated it was due to "weather" and also "air web traffic congestion", however literally every various other airline still flew your planes out of Denver the night. The basically translates into: "Here at soul we"re the shortest on the totem pole." and far better yet your customer company was so terrible they might not treatment less about their customers. Us then check out thousands of negative reviews about this airline and also their constant cancellations, awful customer service, etc. And also wondered exactly how in the world we allowed ourselves to book tickets with this world-class organization. So currently we"re grounding in Denver v nowhere come stay. We ended up feeling much more comfortable booking tickets v a legit airliner because that the complying with morning, and had to obtain a hotel for the night. Then due to the fact that we come to our destination at a different time 보다 planned our family members was no longer able to pick us up and we had to invest $70 top top a cab. In the long run it ended up costing united state a couple of hundred much more dollars to obtain to our destination so the we can still carry out the things we"d had actually planned. Oh also, they didn"t even speak to us or anything around the cancellation. Among us just happened to inspect our email and also we i found it the flight cancellation. So that"s great. And also the cherry on height was when we referred to as to gain a bloody refund they shorted us $20. So my $20 is currently floating about in heart cyberspace along with my dignity and sanity. If I can give this guys much less than one star i would."

Pros: "Enough storage space on board for the carry on bin." Cons: "Unfortunately, spirit Airlines has actually demonstrated a very high level that unprofessionalism delaying that is passengers, not only for this flight however for the past few months, which seems from the news, and it has come to be a trend in their behavior. Ns am a graduate from eastern Michigan college College of Aviation, and also I to be ashamed come say how some service providers have come to be a disgrace due to the fact that of the conduct the they are setup in the market by showing this behavior. Very poor. Nothing is much more valuable 보다 time that gets wasted without reasonable cause. I remember a good quote when when I operated in the auto market that says " that is easy to loosened a customer, but its ten times harder if not impossible to win that client back.""

Cons: "Return flight on 5/31 / #770 Detroit come Seattle: upon getting here at the Detroit airport learned we had actually to pay $59 per carry on bag. Go NOT need to do the for very first flight indigenous Seattle. Nickel & dimed the entirety flight . Paid more than we would have with other preferred airline which we typically travel personally service damaged seat in prior of me so the tray go not operate & foot room - what there to be of the - really compromised employee on board are sloppy when providing instructions, specifically on the intercom. Require speaking training. Talk way to fast, slur their words. Will never ever fly spirit again. You get what you salary for."

Cons: "My first flight was canceled and also I to be not informed until I acquired to the airport. No contact or email, simply went to publish tickets and they were no there. They provided a refund but required the I book through another company which expense a few hundred dollars an ext since it to be last minute. Set my trip back by 13 hours. In enhancement my car agency canceled ~ above me because I was late and I can not find an alternative. My return flight on soul was delayed and also I go not have actually a seat till the aircraft was boarding not to point out the extravagant fees because that baggage and also lack of refreshments ~ above a 5 hour flight."

Pros: "The reality that ns was flying to Detroit. The flight itself to be smooth and passengers were nice and also quiet. An extremely funny flight attendant to be making every the passenger laugh as soon as she to be speaking to the phone, while us were leave the airplane." Cons: "I was not conscious of the dues for carry on bags. As soon as I notified the ticket online, it plainly said the they are free. When I come the the airport, ns was said I have to pay for them. I was traveling v my kids, therefore I had actually to salary for all of them. I booked mine flights with soul before and also never had actually that issue, however this time ns was not happy around how points went. Ns told the staff by the bagging area, that online it claims something different and she told me sorry i cant do anything about it. Ns told her ns didn"t carry that lot money with me, but that didn"t matter. I had actually to speak to my friend to pay v credit card for my bags."

Pros: "The only thing I favored was gaining off the plane." Cons: "Flight was delayed for three hours. They satellite me in the an extremely back heat by the wall, whereby there"s no window. Ns was literally sitting in the corner. The trip attendant was a funny gay man who spent more time flirting v a passenger on the aircraft than anything else. He made it apparent he didn"t wanna be bothered by everyone else. The flight was incredibly turbulent the whole way. Which do it difficult to even nap after boarding 3 hours late. Ns couldn"t look the end a window...I couldn"t nap...I couldn"t read because of the turbulence...literally the just thing I could do was rigid at the seat in former of me for 2+ hours. They didn"t even offer cost-free snacks or beverages, we had to pay to eat or drink. SHITTY and also UNCOMFORTABLE! however at least nobody dragged me turn off the plane, for this reason that"s a plus."

Pros: "Nothing." Cons: "My $318 flight turned into a $500 flight. I will never fly soul again! Also, they changed our door 3 times and also as a an outcome our luggage didn"t leave through us. It come in on a various flight the next day. I paid $50 so they might lose mine luggage. Also, inspect in was really slow! No communication, ns stood in line because that 15 minutes just to hear someone say something about a cancelled flight, so i asked if this was a "make up" flight. And also it was, no an alert or indicators or anything. I nearly missed mine flight."

Pros: "The flights themselves to be both on time and smoothly done despite gusty weather in ~ both ends of the flight. The boarding for both flights was fairly short and also efficient. As much as lull goes, friend don"t mean that at heart unless you salary extra and we won"t simply for that. Crew did their jobs well (but watch dislikes). We obtained timely information from the deck crew as well." Cons: "There were unnecessary and lame do the efforts at humor by both boarding clerks and on-board attendants. If you think you space a stand-up comedian, seek a various career path. I know others may find it amusing and I understand the need for recognize distractions from routine, however it deserve to distract from advantageous information, especially throughout boarding. NOTE: some civilization do funny through nature, yet it is not a universal talent. As soon as it"s natural, it"s a an excellent good, however if not..... Spirit also requires a consistent sales pitch because that their credit card at the finish of every flight that i do not care irritating and I"m certain is no pleasant for the crew, either."

Pros: "I have actually flown come Florida via soul Airlines prior to so I type of knew the fees that ns was up versus like paying because that luggage and paying to reserve a seat. I construed that if I had actually a little enough bag that ns could bring it on and also save top top the price of a checked bag." Cons: "I had a backpack sized bag the I use for college to placed my books in. Ns was told the I needed to inspect in mine bag due to the fact that it had wheels and also I was told that I had to pay a penalty due to the fact that I didn"t check my bag prior to security. $65!!! On mine return flight, heart called and told me my flight was cancelled and also offered me $40 because that my problem or I can pay because that 2 much more nights at my hotel and also get their following available. Ns was outraged at their lack of service!! If I might find an previously flight would certainly they respect my ticket?They claimed they would charge me $100 penalty to change flights!!! I had to drive HOME, 12 hours. Many thanks Spirit."

Pros: "Got me over there and back alive." Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable for someone with lengthy legs. Soul does not offer cost-free beverages during the flight. In fact, over there are tons of hidden fees and charges that renders this "budget" airline more expensive 보다 the competition. Because that example, a confirm bag because that my flight price $55 each way! They charge even much more money because that gate-checked bags, which room sometimes essential if the airplane runs out of room. Lastly, it take it an eternity because that them come unload the luggage indigenous the plane. I waited in the airport for over one hour both times. All the is bad, but to top it off, my flight was delayed and also this somehow caused enormous confusion in ~ the Atlanta airport. The gate attendant stated it was delayed, but the airport monitors stated the flight had already left! some passengers (but no everyone) got an e-mail saying that the airplane would no land because that 9 hrs after it was scheduled, even though the delay was just for 2 hours. I have actually no idea what walk wrong, but it was an extremely confusing and stressful. In all, heart airlines is just inexpensive if you have actually no luggage and you don"t want any kind of food, beverage, or entertainment during the flight."

Pros: "Flight on time." Cons: "Flight attendant to be so mean. I did not gain a chance to ask that she is or her surname was at that time . I was traveling through my household including my mom who is practically 80 year old and was sit farther away from me. Ns stood increase to check on her as she was having shortness of breath when we boarded. Ns stood increase 15 minutes after us took turn off although the chair belt sign was top top to check on mine mother, i knew I have to stay in ~ my seat but I have to examine on mine mother. Flight attendant to be at the aisle obtaining food orders and was an extremely rude told me to go back to mine seat. It could have been much better if she asked what"s walking on and why I need to stand . That"s not my expectation of a flight attendant as she have to be over there to help and administer support if needed. Yet she was very rude and directed me ago to my seat without asking the reason of mine action/ habits but instead an extremely rudely telling me come go ago to my chair. She might have inquiry me if I need help. I believed she is additionally the flight attendant that was using the overhead mic to provide instructions to the passengers. She is no fit to whereby she is at. I believed that over there still a lot of of civilization that were very disappointed at she . Ns hope nobody die in the plane where she is at together her action of negligence,rudeness , discourteous is not acceptable."

Cons: "The website to pre-check bags and also pick seats to be deceitful. First they tell friend one price online for a confirm bag, then as soon as you gain there oh no bag is as well heavy, we space not like other airlines that give you up to 50 pounds, therefore you need to pay one extra $30 ....after i paid online for a checked bag because that $42-ONE WAY. For this reason a lining $72 later for a ONE method ride...costs more than mine actual plane ticket! Then i asked if ns would"ve left the desk and also went on my phone and ordered a more heavier bag price would it have actually been cheaper? five yes it would certainly have....seriously? and also You didn"t tell me that why? five yeah cuz you space shady. 2 out of 5 stars for Spirit! the airplane staff were really nice, however the flight wouldn"t even give girlfriend a glass of water-nope had actually to pay because that a complete bottle-$3. I believed I was getting a deal and ended up paying what ns would have actually if i went directily on your website come get full price because that a aircraft that gave you free drinks and also snacks and complimentary checked bag. Frontier to be soooooo lot better!!"

Pros: "Plane appeared updated." Cons: "A soul ticket salesman in Detroit was the worst person being I"ve ever had the displeasure of handle with and also ruined any possibility the me enjoying any solitary aspect that my flight with heart airlines. Spirit also has a dreadful automated customer business phone system. The process of acquiring a human being on the phone call felt purposely difficult. I had to perform a little of online research in order to finally find the sequence of numbers to press in order with a living person. On mine return trip from Denver ns was mislead right into paying 110 dollars for two carry-on items that didn"t call for purchase, however the ticket clerk did her best to refund the price that the two carry-on items (I have yet to see the refund pend or short article to my account, but we"ll see.)"

Cons: "Passengers to be not available water - only beverages for sale. Crew rotate on lights throughout the late evening trip to beat a "customer appreciation week" trivia video game (which prevented anyone from sleeping or resting), and also then - really loudly - supported a credit transaction card. Seats do not recline at all. In enhancement to this unpleasant return flight, I had actually a disastrous experience gaining to Denver in the very first place - I had actually to publication seats ~ above a Southwest trip after heart closed our outbound flight from Detroit ridiculously early. Spirit provides it very challenging to inspect in online, and also the Spirit counter at Detroit lacks sufficient signage to direct passengers to check in at kiosks automatically upon arrival. We had a bag to check, so us simply acquired in line because that the counter, when apparently we essential to examine in instantly at a kiosk - when we got to the counter, our trip had been closed."

Pros: "The Pilot acquired us residence safe and sound and quick..That was important" Cons: "Now for the my feeding back, soul airlines yes supplies the finest rate on several of your flights because both of your inbound and outbound flights were full so I would say 60% of her customers to be happy, but not to sell your passenger a cup the water is crazy. You do lite of some of the points you do because of your low cost. But its around customer service. Seat don"t recline? Why so that you can get an ext passengers top top a plane, no entertainment, and half of a tray table. The sounds like its all around the money on your end of the service not about the customers.. Yes, really its ridicules the cost for EVERYTHING! boarding pass, cut in line, seats that don"t recline, oh and also carry on bags.. I simply think together a large CORPORATION you can do far better for her customers. So hopefully you will certainly take several of these things into consideration. I think about how your passengers feel. Optimal it all off had to wait exactly ONE HOUR come RETRIEVE her BAGS..."

Pros: "Good price" Cons: "I have actually traveled many times ~ above spirit. I use an electrical power chair. The trip to ft Lauderdale my chair was electrically disassembled and also was not put ago in the same condition that I gave it come the service attendance in. Ns was stranded because that over an hour make the efforts to obtain assistance to return mine chair to a usable condition. Nobody should have disconnected the wiring on my chair there is no my notification and approval. On my return flight apparently your policy adjusted and the battery had actually to be totally removed and also inserted right into a totally separate box which as soon as I arrive earlier in Detroit was not v my chair and again I had to wait added time just gain my battery back. Spirit has actually serious concerns apparently now worrying disabled strength chairs. And I will seriously take into consideration flying other Airlines and blue of any cost savings due to the inconvenience and disruption as I was traveling alone.. My name is glenn Buckmaster and also I hope Spirit supplies this critique to enhance their service for the disabled"

Pros: "The trip crew top top the airplane were very professional." Cons: "The flight was delay 5+ hours. The staff in the door at the Atlanta airport were no trained well in how to handle situations like this. It take it a very angry, frustrated team of customers venting to gain them to try to get much better updates than simply reciting the time delay. We were to have actually left in ~ 5:35, essentially dinner time. Castle didn"t offer food vouchers or coffee/water, nothing until their payment CUSTOMERS became irate in ~ the absence of information. After ~ 3+ hours, they finally had human being wait in line and they handed out 14.00 food vouchers, which was a pathetic response to the issue."

Pros: "The aircraft was new, the pilots walk fine" Cons: "Had troubles from the start with the digital check-in. Kept getting a strange error blog post so I had actually to call. The Customer business person to be so rude and had no clue exactly how to deal with the error message. Instead she said me I have to check-in at the airport and pay $10 a piece to print the ticket there. Um, no thanks. I lastly got someone rather on the phone that asked numerous times if i needed help resetting my, i just want to finish checking in. She finally resolved the issue yet it took about an hour. The agents at the plane weren"t any type of friendlier. Plus, Spirit"s bag prices room ridiculous ($42+ every bag) and their weight border is 40lbs rather of 50lbs like other airlines. By the time we paid the fees for our seats and also bags that turned out to be the very same price together the Southwest or Delta flights. There"s no beverage or snack business or wifi top top the flights either. Don"t let the early cheap price fool you!!! It"s no worth it in ~ all!!!!!"

Pros: "I selected arbitrarily seating and got the second row. Many leg room however the sides of the seat to be quit constricting" Cons: "The lga terminal is terrible, a.c was extremely poor, not enough seating, food options are terrible, and communication indigenous the actual door was worse. It"s tucked far in the corner and there wasn"t sufficient seating for this reason I had to sit in one more section therefore I can never hear any announcements, even though ns gather over there weren"t plenty of made also with an hour plus delay. Also, ns am 6 months pregnant and travel battered a bit for work. The amazes me how trip attendants execute not offer to aid with putting up my luggage. I never ever willingly made decision spirit together my airline, i will do anything in my strength to fly another but it just so wake up this week was dramatically cheaper so I had to pick your airline and also I am absolutely not willing to perform so again"

Pros: "nothing" Cons: "I got a confirmation email that the trip was top top time 3 hours before it was scheduled, so ns left my home for the airport. Upon check-in i was notified the flight was cancelled. Ns asked come be put on the next flight to mine destination, but Spirit advised there was not another flight until 6:30 pm that night. My original flight was booked for 8:30am. I also asked if over there were other airlines lock could publication me on, and also the soul representative said no, they could not placed me on one more airline. Additionally, mine American airline return flight had to it is in cancelled since I was not going to do it. It was already too so late to release that flight unless I want to salary a $200 disagreement fee. Every in all, a net loss of about $900 due to the nonrefundable return flight, cabs booked to and also from the airport, and also the nonrefundable hotel- because the cancellation was so critical minute. Terrible experience."

Pros: "It to be a quick flight that gained me to my destination." Cons: "Outrageous fees for stupid points ($55 for a carry-on bag, really??) In the end, ns don"t believe I saved any money taking this supposedly budget plan airline, and also it was a far worse experience than if I had just take away United. The website didn"t occupational when ns tried to inspect in, and the people at the check-in respond to were rude and unhelpful. The boarding crew didn"t stroked nerves to make any kind of announcements as soon as our trip was a fifty percent hour late. That took well over an hour for us to get our bags once we landed, and also Spirit"s package customer business people yelled at us for asking around the standing of our bags. They speak you get what you pay for, but I ended up paying a lot and also getting nothing for it. Won"t it is in taking soul again."

Cons: " confirmed me this flight roughly 194$ which was the cheapest flight and also I booked roung trip to Vegas. I have to cough whopping 82$ because that baggage add to taxes which obtained my ticket about 280$ throughout flight checkin. There to be flights which to be cheaper than Spirit however I choose spirit because was not conscious this would revolve out high value deal. Apart from this there is nothing cost-free on the flight also for water they charge. Druing package drop off i told the Lady at desk that I acquired seat 20 E and requested she to offer me aisle due to the fact that I need to go regular restroom, She lied come me and also told me that 20E is window. Also my seat tray was broken so If ns am drinking any juice I had actually to organize it in hand every the time. There were people on trip who were really loud and also were flirting and throwing ice cream on flight floor, have the right to you imagine this? at one time I got up to reach to my cabin bag to grab citizens which i bought native airport and also the plane started shaking little and captain rotate the seat belt authorize on, now this civilization behing me ns think to be pretty lot drunk started making encounters as if they space the crew members. I would certainly not recommend anyone flying heart and additionally will not fly soul ever."

Pros: "Boarding was relatively quick and easy." Cons: "While the trip crew was perfectly friendly, the credit card announcements they do on behalf of heart were really loud, disruptive, and also ill-timed. Choose myself, most customers prefer to sleep or rest quietly during red-eye flights. This to be all however impossible throughout my late night flight from Denver come Detroit. Approximately half way through the trip (after 10pm neighborhood time and also after midnight for the time of ours destination) the glowing cabin lights came on and stayed on for the duration of the flight. Ns assume this was to save everyone awake for the loud and also incredibly attracted out announcement about in-flight credit transaction card offers. This severely influenced my comfort and also the comfort of others, as we were forced to beat captive audience. Ns felt favor I was enduring a hard-sell tactic native a timeshare salesman, only there to be no way of escape. I respectfully suggest that soul limit the size of credit transaction card advertisements, and refrain indigenous announcing castle all together on flights so late at night or early morning (or in ~ the really least technician a less disruptive form of connecting these offers). After perfect the final leg of my roundtrip journey, I will certainly not be flying with spirit again. Say thanks to you for your time."

Pros: "Spirit fares are a scam, fraudulent, outrageous once they fee for carryon luggage the is complimentary on all various other airlines. When I purchase the ticket top top i ididn"t see anything the alerted me to the fact that i would be charged end $50 because that a solitary carryon luggage item of traditional carryon size. Moreover, the size checking frame at the counter i think is designed to make certain that numerous standard size carryon cases will no fit, even though they"re just 1/2 inch or so bigger than the check frame. I also find that outrageous the the charge of end $50 is twice what other airlines charge for a checked bag!!!!!!!!! Not just that, however the day i traveled, every the staff"s computer systems were down, the whole checkin process was chaotic, no employee knew how to manage emergency instances like that, and we waited nearly 2 hrs ~ the trip was an alleged to leaving to gain in the air. FURTHER, legroom is much less than negative in the plane"s seating spacing, which do the pilgrimage miserable because that me and my knees sticking into the chair in front of me made the passenger uncomfortable. I WILL never ever FLY spirit AGAIN and also I will TELL anyone I meet NOT TO paris SPIRIT because of ITS DECEPTIVE TICKETING/CHARGING POLICY. Heart OWES ME $55 for CHARGING ME for A usual CARRYON BAG - THE certified dealer WHO aided ME examine IN IN DETROIT METRO instantly CHARGED ME because that MY BAG ~ above THE start OF THE expedition WITHOUT seeing IF IT would certainly FIT IN THE checking FRAME, however IT walk FIT v A PUSH. Even WORSE, ns PAID for A ROUNDTRIP TICKET, and WOULD have actually BEEN fee THIS OUTRAGEOUS BAG charge BOTH WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS plan IS just A total RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cons: "SEE other SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Pros: "I like that I had the ability to buy a departure row seat." Cons: "On my trip to Detroit ns was called to turn off mine iPad pro once the human sitting right beside me was told nothing and continued watching every little thing their display was. On my flight back after paying to sit in an departure row someone from the ago was put next come me despite not paying and also despite there gift other continual open seats. I"m 6"8" and if I can just asking the stewardess to relocate me into an leave row and not salary I would too but I don"t think that is the means seating have to work. There was likewise an hour hold-up going come Detroit and a 3 hour hold-up going ago to Atlanta however that in reality isn"t what is make me create this review."

Cons: "I missed mine original flight from BWI to DTW on Friday, might 6th, RDWZWA. Ns had already checked in and purchased my carry on baggage because that both the departing and return flight online to conserve on costs and time once I came down on the airport. Upon getting here at the airport this morning, may 9th to take my return flight, ns was called that i no longer had a flight and that I can not gain my money refunded because that the confirm bags. I had to purchase a flight from a different carrier again and also so ns did not take mine bag on one of two people of the soul flights and when i contacted spirit to refund at least the checked bag fee, which to be "for fuel costs," lock refused. Ns will never ever purchase a spirit trip again."

Pros: "The aircraft was clean and smooth" Cons: "The checkin counter had about 5 world behind the counter however they had 2 human being working v each customer. For this reason I had actually to wait. I get to the gate and also the information is no correct top top the screen. Numerous people had come ask if this to be the correct gate. They make a few annoyed announcements about it due to the fact that they were worn down of questioning questions around it. The aircraft was one hour and also a half delayed as result of them transforming crews? How around come to job-related on time? Lastly, the flight attendants were nice but unprofessional. They to be joking around and laughing through announcements, etc. I"m not a fuddy duddy and also its it s okay to have a little fun but...I just didn"t feel prefer they were taking it seriously in ~ all."

Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "I don"t like how Spirit Airlines like to coin pinch every customer until your "great deal" on her ticket goes indigenous a good deal to in ~ par v other significant airlines and also sometimes a negative deal compared to major carriers. Spirit charges you because that everything, consisting of water. Castle don"t sell any cost-free snacks, even on an extensive cross nation flights. They fee you for all carry on and also checked bags. Checked bags will be thought about overweight if it"s end 40 pounds i beg your pardon is 10 pounds much less than most airlines."

Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "Will not fly soul again and will remove it from vacation search engines. The price is misleading and not a true to compare to other airlines. By the moment I payment to examine one bag and have two lug on bags, plus payment to choose seats come sit together we paid secondary 200.00 dollars for the flight. Ours return trip left a half hour late and they shed our one confirm bag. Take it a main to gain the bag returned to us. The redesigned seats are tiny and cramped. None.of the seats recline, and also my tray table was simply a little larger 보다 my cabinet phone."

Pros: "that it was a right flight, the staff was courteous" Cons: "When we gained there one hour early on they had actually closed the trip so we could not acquire our boarding pass. Had actually to pay extra money to get on next flight. Seats space too small, therefore uncomfortable. Make you salary extra money because that a seat. No snacks or beverage is ridiculous, not also water on an virtually three hour flight and after wait to plank the plane. The bag fee was the greatest I have ever seen perform not ever plane to fly spirit anymore if i can aid it. Finished up paying an ext than us would have actually with an additional carrier after every one of the extra fees and also less organization comfort."

Cons: "Spirit airline website is awful. Mine airfare to be good, however, by the time I paid for 1 baggage, a seat reservation my round pilgrimage airfare and taxes my air fare virtually doubled. If ns didn"t have access to a computer system I would have paid much more at the airplane to inspect my bag and I would have had actually to pay to for my boarding pass!! I would certainly have desired to have 2 bring on bags - a purse and 1 bag, and also a smaller sized bag come check. Rather I had to fill some very personal items in my larger checked bag so that ns didn"t need to pay for a 2nd carry on. I wish I had actually researched various other air lines before booking my trip with Spirit. I don"t understand if I would certainly fly with soul again."

Cons: "I understand if the flight is cancelled because of weather conditions, however we were able to get on an additional flight in ~ the exact same time to the exact same destination, just through an additional airline. In addition, prior to my cancelled trip I barely received any emails letting me know of the status readjust and got NO phone message message. Spirit need to text every human if a flight is cancelled. Lastly, it has actually now been 6 complete days and also no one has reached out about my refund. I requested it at the airport yet have not obtained anything in the letter or via call call. Disappointing client service and also horrible management."

Pros: "Pilot to be nice and kept apologizing because that the issues." Cons: "We to be delayed, which is fine. The worry I have is that besides currently being delayed, once we arrived in Detroit we had actually to wait an hour before we can get a door that was opened and staffed. This is all happening after ~ midnight so many of united state on the flight have family and friends comes to pick united state up at a an extremely inconvenient time as it is, now they are waiting over an hour for us. Very disappointed in Spirit. I would hope that you would have actually your staff organized and also managed a little better than this, being a significant airliner in the state."

Pros: "The crew were an extremely friendly and funny, including the pilots. Ns loved just how they seemed very personable and made the passengers laugh. I haven"t had actually a smooth flight like that in a lengthy time; I in reality slept! This firm is provided as "no-frills," so human being need to understand that walking in. Most an adverse reviews are around the very things that the company list aren"t had in the ticket price. The airplane was comfortable and also new. The seats didn"t recline, however it"s described in their materials that it"s to put more people top top the flight, i m sorry drives under cost. I didn"t mind gift assigned a arbitrarily seat. I guess ns lucked the end both times through an aisle (the others were empty and I became able to lay down throughout them) and the second row (tons of foot space.) i think this is a great liner to fly if you"re just bringing a an individual item, and/or it"s a short flight for you. I observed the flight attendants being very helpful with re-assigning seats so civilization could be much more comfortable." Cons: "I carry out think the they"re over charging however, for luggage. It"s about $50 for a lug on at inspect in, $45 if girlfriend buy that online, and also $100 in ~ the gate. Ns think they"d acquire happier reviews if lock were an ext reasonable. I"m of mean height and build because that a woman, and also I to be comfortable in the seats, however it"s more than likely not because that someone that is on the higher or larger side."