I am I said lyrics were created by Neil Diamond in ~ a time in his life where he was suffering some very an individual moments. It additionally has a dark side to it, i m sorry you have the right to read around in the “background facts” below the lyrics. It’s a song about someone who lives in one place but yearns for another. Maybe you deserve to relate to his feelings expressed here? Feel free to share your thoughts about this song and also its an interpretation for you, in the comments area.

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I to be I claimed Lyrics Sung by Neil Diamond

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I am I claimed Lyrics by Neil Diamond

L.A.’s fine, the sun shines most the timeAnd the emotion is “lay back”Palm tree grow and also rents space lowBut you know I keep thinkin’ aboutMaking my way back

Well I’m brand-new York City born and also raisedBut nowadays,I’m lost between two shoresL.A.’s fine, but it ain’t homeNew York’s home,But it ain’t mine no more

“I am”… ns saidTo no one thereAnd nobody heard in ~ allNot also the chair

“I am”… i cried “I am”… said IAnd ns am lost and also I can’tEven speak whyLeavin’ me lonely still

Did you ever read about a frogWho dreamy of bein’ a kingAnd then came to be oneWell except for the namesAnd a few other changesIf girlfriend talk around meThe story’s the very same one

But I acquired an emptiness deep insideAnd I’ve triedBut that won’t permit me goAnd I’m no a man who likes to swearBut I never caredFor the sound of being alone

“I am”… i saidTo nobody thereAnd no one heard in ~ allNot even the chair“I am”… ns cried“I am”… stated IAnd i am lost and I can’tEven say why“I am”… ns said“I am”… ns cried“I am”… ns said

Some amazing Facts about I to be I stated Lyrics and Neil Diamond

“I Am… ns Said” is a track written and recorded by Neil Diamond. Released together a solitary on march 15, 1971, it was quite successful, at first slowly climbing the charts, then more quickly climbing to number 4 top top the U.S. Pop singles graph by may 1971. The fared an in similar way across the Atlantic, reaching number 4 on the UK popular music singles chart as well.


“I Am… ns Said” took Neil Diamond four months to compose. Among his most intensely personal efforts, the depicts the singer lost between two worlds:

– brand-new York City and also Los Angeles.

Verses begin quietly in a short vocal range, fifty percent sung and half spoken, v a soft absent guitar and light strings backing. By the chorus climaxes, the vocals are lot louder and higher in pitch, with horns, heavier drums and much more strings authorized in, but the singer even an ext uncertain:

I am, ns cried!I am, stated I.And i am lost, and I can’t also say why…

Neil Diamond called Mojo newspaper July 2008 that this song came from a time he invested in treatment in Los Angeles. The said:

“It to be consciously an attempt on my component to refer what my desires were about, what mine aspirations were about and what ns was about. And also without any type of question, it come from my sessions with the analyst.”

In the exact same month, the told Q the the tune was created “to uncover himself” and also added,

“It’s a tough thing for me to gather myself ~ singing the song.”

But Diamond has likewise revealed another inspiration for this song: an not successful tryout because that a movie about the life and also death that the comedian Lenny Bruce. Author David Wild interviewed Diamond for a 2008 book and he discussed how his initiatives to channel Lenny Bruce evoked such extreme emotions that it led that to spend some time in therapy.

“I Am… ns Said” to be later included on Diamond’s November 1971 album Stones. The solitary version leads turn off the LP, if a reprise of the song, taken indigenous midway come a variant ending with Diamond exclaiming “I am!”, concludes.

Critical opinion ~ above “I Am… ns Said” has typically been good, through Rolling rock calling its lyric great in a 1972 review, while The new Yorker provided it come exemplify Diamond’s songwriting opaqueness in a 2006 retrospective.

A 2008 Diamond file in The everyday Telegraph merely referred to the song’s “raging existential angst,” and Allmusic calls the “an impassioned declare of emotionally turmoil… very much in tune with the confessional singer/songwriter activity of the time.”

The song never went without its detractors however. Humorist Dave Barry said:

“Consider the song ‘I Am, i Said,’ wherein Neil, with great emotion, sings: ‘I am, ns said, to no one there. And no one heard in ~ all, not also the chair.’ What type of line is that? Is Neil informing us he’s surprised that the chair didn’t hear him? perhaps he supposed the chair to say, ‘Whoa, ns heard that!’ mine guess is the Neil was really desperate come come up with something come rhyme through ‘there’ and he had currently rejected ‘So ns ate a pear,’ ‘Like Smokey The Bear,’ and ‘There were nits in mine hair."”

Maybe saying “I Am” intended he was God.

The track garnered Diamond his very first Grammy Awards nomination, for finest Pop Vocal Performance, Male.

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“I Am… i Said” has been included in live version on Diamond’s warm August Night (from 1972, in a performance the Rolling rock would later on label “fantastically overwrought”) and also The greatest Hits: 1966-1992 (from 1992), and in various compilations.