Medically the review by Dominique Fontaine, BSN, RN, HNB-BC, HWNC-BC — written by Scott Frothingham — to update on in march 25, 2021

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Tissue salts are minerals the were very first used in homeopathic medicine by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler in the 19th century. They’re recipe to support your body’s health and healing process by regulating her cell’s mineral levels.

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In this article, we testimonial the 12 main tissue salts and also the benefits they supposedly administer for your body, according to homeopathic medicine.

According to Schuessler, there are 12 main tissue salts. Practitioners claim that each type of salt offers diverse benefits for putting your body right into balance because that optimum health.

Here room the 12 main tissue salts and also the services they purportedly offer:

1. Calc Fluor

strengthens tooth enamel strengthens bones

2. Calc Phos

restores cellsheals fractureshelps the digestive system

3. Calc Sulph

reduces infectionprevents sore throats and colds

4. Ferr Phos

anti-inflammatoryaccelerates healingreduces bleeding

5. Kali Mur

purifies bloodtreats infectionreduces swellingaids digestion

6. Kali Phos

supports nerve healthlessens anxiety, irritability, and also fatigue

7. Kali Sulph

heals mucous membrane heals skin balances metabolismconditions her pancreas

8. Mag Phos

eases painreduces spasms

9. Nat Mur

balances bodily fluidsaids digestiontreats eczema

10. Nat Phos

neutralizes acidityrelieves seasicknessaids digestion

11. Nat Sulph

cleans pancreascleans kidneyscleans livertreats cold and also flu

12. Silica

conditions skinconditions connective tissuecleanses bloodstrengthens hair and also nails

Practitioners that homeopathic medicine cite 200 years of anecdotal evidence as proof of the strength of tissue salts. However, there’s tiny scientific research to assistance the anecdotal evidence.

Typically, scientists imply that the amounts of minerals in homeopathic drugs are too tiny to influence your human body positively or negatively.

The national Institutes of wellness (NIH) suggests that homeopathy do not do it be supplied as an alternative to proven, conventional care for medical problems.

Tissue salts space commonly accessible as a lactose tablet that has actually a very tiny amount the the favored tissue salt. Typically, these tablet computers aren’t made to be swallowed, but dissolved under her tongue.

Tissue salts may come in forms other than tablets, such together creams, gels, and ointments.

A homeopathic practitioner might recommend a number of tissue salt assets if you need assist with more than one health and wellness condition.

Because the quantity of the mineral in a homeopathic tablet computer is for this reason small, there’s a low hazard of next effects, or interaction with other medications.

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Homeopathic medication is a medical device that was developed 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, a German clinical doctor. It’s based on two primary theories:

Like cures like. A condition can be cured through a substance the produces symptoms the are similar to the condition in healthy and balanced people. Law of minimum dose. The lower the sheep of the medication, the higher its performance will be.

Anecdotal evidence says that the 12 tissue primary tissue salt in homeopathic medicine can attend to a selection of health and wellness issues. Yet there’s small scientific research that support the usage of homeopathic cures as viable medical treatment.

The scientific community doesn’t support the concept that the very little amounts of mineral in homeopathic medicines are enough to do a far-ranging contribution to the therapy of health involves or disease. However, there’s probably small harm in make the efforts it.

If you considering homeopathic treatment, talk v a doctor prior to starting.


Medically the review by Dominique Fontaine, BSN, RN, HNB-BC, HWNC-BC — composed by Scott Frothingham — to update on in march 25, 2021