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"I Wonder If Heaven gained a Ghetto" is the first posthumous solitary by 2Pac. It appears on the album R U quiet Down? (Remember Me). The original version, titled "I Wonda if Heaven"s got a Ghetto", to be released together a B-side on the 1993 single, "Keep Ya Head Up". There room two versions of the song on the R U still Down? (Remember Me) album. One, a remake of the initial (using the same sample); the other, a totally new remix, subtitled together the "hip hop version", to be the version offered for the songs solitary release. The song title initially came from the text of fellow West shore rapper freckles 1, that the 1992 track "Welcome to the Ghetto."Rapper Nas interpolated "I Wonder if Heaven obtained a Ghetto" in the track "Black President" indigenous his untitled 2008 album. The line "And despite it seems heaven sent/We ain"t ready to have actually a black color president" is offered repeatedly as the songs chorus.more »

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(If sky was a mile away)Would I pack up mine bags and leave this human being behind?(If heaven was a mile away)Or save it all for you?(If heaven was a mile away)Would I, fill the tank up v gas and also be the end the former door in a FLASHBefore reconsidering, this Hell through youIt ain"t you it"s the things you do (do)It"s tearing my love in twoI would certainly of fell with youTo Hell through youIf sky was a mile awayAnd you could ride by the gatesWould you shot to operation inside as soon as it opens would you try to die today?Would friend pray louder lastly believing His power?Even if friend couldn"t see, however you might feel would you tho doubt him?How would certainly you start acting?Would you try to placed the ki"s down?Thinking every drug offer that you make in the highways He can see nowWould a fiend even want to obtain high, would he stop smoking?If the knew on his own two feet he might just stroll inTo gain away and escape from the crazinessAnd ns bet girlfriend there"s a sky for one atheistIt"s hard taking thisRacist earth where they take an additional brother in a handcuffEven if he innocent nigga acquire on the vehicle put her motherfucking hands upThinking I"m a shed itMy mom"s in chemoThree time a week, yo save trying however peopleIs hard and also God your young soldier"s not so boldBut requirements youThis world"s my home however world I would leaveNigga what friend think I"ma avoid buildingI"ma protect against feeling like I"m Amistad"s good great grandchildrenHow I"m no gonna desire to do millionsSince the quarter water job in the hallways make fake cokePass with the Reeses piece wrapper in mine mouth every dayBut climate my format has quite a while that same type as Ill and Al SkratchGame time come them cats never ever looked earlier Cristal punch dub sacksThat"s when it all just hit meYou view the broads and Bentleys is nothing less my nigga spend it all through meI"d give it all away quicklyJust come hear them all I"d purchase some new kicks complimentary of any kind of autographs soNot come be well-known forgive meIt"s ending up being unbearable Making hits is easyPut a famous bitch ~ above the hook there you go with a platinum CDI recognize you heard the noisePreachers poignant on altar boysSodomizing not realizing God is watching before the LordHow have the right to they execute the devil"s work?A guy giving one more man head in churchHell it damages just come fathom the believed wishing that ns fled the Earth.

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Nas Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones ( /nɑːˈsɪər/; born September 14, 1973), better known mononymously as Nas ( /ˈnɑːz/), is one American rapper and actor. That is also the kid of jazz musician Olu Dara. Nas has released eight continuous platinum and also multi-platinum albums since 1994, four of which topped the Billboard charts ~ above release and also has offered over thirteen-million records in the United says alone. Nas was also component of the hip hop supergroup The Firm, which released one album under Dr. Dre"s record label Aftermath.

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Aside from rapping, Nas is also an sometimes actor and has appeared in function films such as Hype Williams" directorial debut Belly, Ticker and In as well Deep and the television display Hawaii Five-0. More »