TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The 33rd yearly 2021 Moundville indigenous American Festival to be canceled due to concerns around the Coronavirus.Alex Benitez, the archaeological park director, said it was a challenging decision to make, but the right relocate to keep people safe.

“It is destructive for united state not to have actually it. Our occasion brings too many of aboriginal American performers here, and so it is a gathering for us, for our Moundville family. And also it’s a tough decision to make, we likewise have a many our indigenous American performers who simply couldn’t do the pilgrimage this year. They have travel restrictions and come as much away as Oklahoma and also Texas,” Benitez said.

Benitez made the announcement on the park’s website, but included they expect to bring everyone earlier in-person in 2022.

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“For the visitors, it’s an suffer they can’t have again and also for us, and also our performers and Native American friends, its same upsetting in a sense due to the fact that we will miss out on that household experience that we share every year,” Benitez said.

Typically, 8,000 college students, mostly 4th graders native all roughly Alabama, attend. The three-day event was booked forOctober 7-9and functions Native American artists, craftsmen and also educators indigenous Texas and also Oklahoma and many other locations of the nation.

Bush Hills man battling city room over flooding frustrations from storm drain

by art Franklin / Oct 18, 2021

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) -- regional resident Clinton Jones turned come CBS 42 News because that answers around long-time flooding issues at his home in Birmingham"s bush Hills neighborhood. Jones says almost every time it rains, a clogged up storm drain on his home sends rushing floodwaters into his yard, practically turning it right into a river.

According come Jones, his battle with city room to acquire the flooding problems resolved has actually last 7 years. He"s fed up and tired that his flooding frustrations being ignored. Throughout our her Voice Your terminal investigation, CBS 42 got to out to market Randall Woodfin. The next day, a public functions crew responded to clean the clogged storm drain, and also the Birmingham city cases administrator, Nathaniel Bagley, who denied the Jones" claim against the city in 2020, proved up. Jones met them with an earful. "You have had seven years of me complain to attend to that ditch. Focus on my residence that y"all shot to dodge," Jones insisted.

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Heavy rains cause pumpkin shortage in ~ Old Baker Farm

by Jen Cardone / Oct 18, 2021
HARPERSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) – heavy rains are causing a tricky pumpkin season for some farms. Old Baker farm is reporting a lose of 95 percent of its chop this year.

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For thousands of families, that a household tradition to visit the farm yard for a pumpkin.

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Grandmother arrested in death of 6-month-old in Tuscaloosa

by Lee Hedgepeth / Oct 18, 2021
TUSCALOOSA, Ala (WIAT) -- A woman has been arrested in the fatality of her 6-month-old nephew Tuscaloosa.

Police were dubbed to DCH hospital in Tuscaloosa Friday after ~ a 6-month-old arrived by ambulance deceased.