Castor and also Pollux are twin half-brothers. Lock share the exact same mother yet different fathers. Castor’s father to be the mortal Spartan king, Tyndareus, and Pollux’s father to be the Greek god the the skies, Zeus.

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With two various fathers, they shared the exact same mortal mother: Leda.

Who is Leda?

Leda and also the Swan

Leda to be a princess of the region in Greece dubbed Aetolia. She to be a mortal princess who father was the King the Aetolia called Thestius. Leda would come to marry the King of Sparta, Tyndareus, and have many kids with him, consisting of Castor and also Helen the Troy.

Leda, Zeus, and also Tyndareus

One night, Zeus disguised himself together a swan in need of rescuing from an eagle the was make the efforts to strike him. Leda rescued the swan and also was unknowingly impregnated through him. That night, Leda went back home and was also impregnated by her husband, Tyndareus. Indigenous these two fathers, Castor and Pollux space born as twin brothers.

Castor and also Pollux: Gemini Twins

Castor and also Pollux often participated in numerous Greek myths, including accompanying Jason and also the Argonauts, and the rescue of Helen indigenous Theseus.

In Jason’s pursuit with the Argonauts to discover the golden Fleece, Castor and also Pollux add them. Pollux beat King Amycus in a boxing challenge while ~ above his voyage v Jason and also the Argonauts. Upon arriving in Iolcus, Castor and also Pollux aid Jason and Peleus ruin the city after King Pelias had ordered Jason to find the golden Fleece.

Another legend myth that Castor and also Pollux do an illustration is the story that Helen’s abduction. Helen was abducted by Theseus, a king, and founder that Athens. His kingdom was known as Attica, which is wherein he took Helen. ~ Castor and Pollux rescued Helen, they went back the favor to Theseus by abducting his mother, Aethra, and taking her back with them to Sparta. In Sparta, Aethra was required to act as Helen’s slave, until the loss of troy after the Trojan War once she was went back to Athens.

Castor and Pollux are Inseparable

Though they had various fathers, Castor and also Pollux were inseparable twins. Castle looked out for one an additional up till the very end.

Castor and also Pollux want to get married Phoebe and also Hilaeira. Phoebe and Hilaeira were currently promised to marry cousins the Castor and also Pollux. Therefore, Castor and Pollux took the women back to Sparta, and also each pair had a son; Castor and also Hilaeira had actually Anogon, and Pollux and also Phoebe had Mnesileos. Since of this, Castor and also Pollux would ensure a an excellent feud with their cousins.

After your cousins eat all the meat native their cattle by tricking Castor and also Pollux, the twins determined to take it revenge. Castor and also Pollux set out for their cousins’ cattle. As soon as they reached the cattle, Castor climbed a tree if Pollux freed the cattle.

The infuriated cousin, Idas, easily spotted Castor in the tree. Castor yelled out and warned his pair brother that Idas was adjacent before gift fatally shot. In the meantime, Pollux was able to kill the other cousin, Lynceus.

Once Lynceus had actually died, Idas ensued his assault on Pollux. Pollux was being overtaken by Idas and around to die as soon as Zeus intervened. Zeus might not sit earlier and clock his son die, so he threw a thunderbolt at Idas, striking him dead.

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Pollux easily returned to where Castor lay as soon as Zeus appeared and also gave Pollux a choice. Zeus would grant Pollux a ar to continue to be on mountain Olympus, or Pollux could give half of his immortality come Castor. Together Pollux and also Castor to be inseparable, Pollux can not imagine life his life there is no his twin, so he determined to give Castor fifty percent of his immortality. Because of this, Zeus granted Castor and Pollux a place in the skies in the constellation Gemini wherein they will stay together because that eternity.