Board games, or juegos de mesa, space a an excellent way to put down your digital devices and connect with your friends and family. They’re also a great way to supercharge her Spanish finding out with brand-new vocabulary (and are also just means more funny than flashcards). Review on to discover two well-known board gamings from Latin America.

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Besides acquiring to know a social touchstone of Mexico, play Lotería, or lottery, is awesome for her Spanish. Hailing originally from Italy, Lotería is a traditionally mexico board video game that is essentially Bingo. Rather of having actually a net of letters and also numbers, though, you receive a tabla, or board, filled through beautiful tarot card-esque illustrations. The means to success is determined at the start of every round, v a win pattern preferred from a deck the cards. ~ a pattern is dealt, the video game is on. El cantor, the caller, selects win tiles indigenous a various shuffled deck that cards. Each card has an illustration, its name, and also a short phrase explicate the tile. El cantor reads out the card’s name and also phrase, and also people who have that tile ar a frijole, a bean, ~ above its respective spot on their boards. When a player has filled out the pattern on their tabla, the time to shout ¡Lotería!


What’s so good about Lotería is that the sentences on the ago of every card make it a an excellent way to find out some brand-new vocab. Every sentence is tailor do to highlight the meaning of the surname in the card, so many other native in the sentence have a high combination to the card’s name. In this sense, you’re virtually learning whole tiny vocabulary unit together you hear to the cantor read out a card’s verse.


“El que le cantó a san Pedro no le volverá a cantar.”

“The one that sang for St. Peter will never sing for him again.”


“Al otro lado del río tengo mi banco de arena, donde se sienta mi chata pico de garza morena.”

“At the other side the the river I have actually my sand bank, wherein sits my darling brief one, with the mine of a dark heron.”


Tu me traes a puros brincos, como pájaro en la rama.”

“You have actually me hopping here and there, prefer a bird top top a branch.”

Lotería is vast all throughout Latin America, and also has a committed fan base. Back in so late 2019, Google released a Google Doodle celebrating it. Examine it out and try playing a digital version! one of the big draws for Lotería’s ongoing adoration is due to the fact that of its captivating illustrations. In fact, one way that pan express your love for Lotería is with t-shirts special its tiles. Lotería combines an easy and amazing gameplay through artful design and also language to develop a memorable experience every time you pick up a brand-new tabla.


If her idea of fun is raking in the dough, you’ll probably enjoy Estanciero, Spanish for the word “rancher.” illustration heavily native Monopoly, this Argentinian board video game swaps the score of gift a actual estate mogul for the an ext pastoral dream job of a cow herding kingpin. The video game invokes Argentina’s history as a civilization class livestock hotspot. Estanciero’s best innovation come the Monopoly-style game mechanism is a remainder spot whereby you deserve to hide from ever-growing agriculture fees.


In the video below, you can see the the game looks a ton like Monopoly, except for the hexagonal form of the board. What’s nice around the similarities in between the two gamings is the you won’t have much problem figuring the end which Spanish words correspond to your English counterparts.

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Get part Friends and Play!

There are loads of various other Spanish-language board games out there, however these two have gameplay similar to ones that you and your friends space probably currently familiar with. This way, you can skip right previous the rules and also into the game. Be sure to shot speaking Spanish as you play, and maybe change the rule to incorporate bonus points for using specific tenses and negative points for speaking in English.

What’s your favorite board game? Be sure to comment below, and share this post with a friend.

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