Every unify of gold Apples of the Cosmos appears to generate 2 egg chests and an egg vault. Fruit native King Midas’s Garden. Touch by a Midas Duck. This fruit has a strange, goldeny-magic about it.

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Where are the dragon gems in merge dragons?

How can I get an ext Gems?

Play Quests! Every time you finish a quest, over there is a small chance that instead of a normal, yellow please Star, a purple Dragon Star will certainly appear. Bring them come Camp! If they appear in a level, don’t insanity them! unify them in 5s! unify the gems in 5s!

What must I invest my dragon gems on in unify dragons?

Places to Spend acquisition the Level Rewards, including exclusive items prefer Fountains the Legend (25 Gems). Buy specific items in the purchase Menu: together as event Dragon Eggs, Riches, rock Bricks, Monster Idols, mystery Nests, and also Totems. To buy items at the Kala’s Shop.

How execute you unlock friend in merge magic?

To accessibility the friends Feature, click the girlfriend Button. In this menu you will discover 3 tabs. The girlfriend Tab will show you and a perform of your friends.

How execute I update my merge dragon?

For Android: go to her applications on your phone and open the Google Play save app. Tap food selection My apps & games. Apps with an update obtainable are labeled “Update.” discover Merge Dragons! and also tap Update.

Can I get rid of locked chests in merge dragons?

In Levels. Dragon Egg Chests obtained in Levels room unlocked automatically and also can be linked to produce an unlocked Dragon colony Vault. They are worth 0 coins in levels and also can just be trashed.

How perform you obtain Pegasus egg to merge dragons?


Open Dragon Egg Chests/Dragon colony Vaults from harvest Dragon Trees.Randomly from merger Ruby Fire Eggs.Randomly from mystery Nest (Supernest)/Mystery swarm (Meganest).Find under the evil Fog in Camp.Buy the Premium Island.Spawned originally from creating Spectral Lifespring.

What is in the Dragon super swarm vault?

Contains mystery Nest (Supernest), glow Life Flower, twin Life Flower, Magic Coin – Gold, collapse Star, Life Orb.

What is in a substantial nest vault merge dragons?

When opened, lock contain 3 Dragon Nests and several objects that might be related to the source where they room harvested from. If the resource is sweetheart Chests or indigenous tapping goal Stars, the contents are randomly preferred from the presets.

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How do you unlock the vault in Dragon Nest?

Merging Dragon Chests for this reason merging 3 uncommon Dragon Egg Chests will create a rare Radiant Egg Chest, merging 3 rare Radiant Egg Chests will produce a rarely Dragon colony Vault, and also merging 3 rare Dragon colony Vaults will develop an epic large Nest Vault.

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