You"ll have to resolve an additional riddle to reveal the Shai Yota shrine. Here"s how to do it.

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Make certain you have actually at leastern one Bomb Arrow prior to you tackle this quest.


Find Kass at the Horon Lagoon, southern eastern of Zora"s Domain. He sings you the following song:

"He breaks the rocks that serve to bind, over the tempestuous bay. On wings of cloth and also timber entwined, he lands on the altar to open up the way."

This is just one of the much easier riddles to figure out (obviously, you"ll be breaking some rocks and making use of your glider) – yet we"ll admit this quest took us even more than one attempt to obtain done.

Where we went wrong was shattering just a pair of the rocks and thinking we"d have the ability to glide to the altar from the resulting thermal drafts.


Use a Bomb Arrow to resolve these rocks

You"ll should find and also break all the breakable rocks in the location, and the game will certainly let you recognize as soon as you"ve done so – the cam will pull ameans to present you the altar beginning to glow oarray.


This is how you recognize you"re prepared to glide to the altar

You can not simply glide to the altar from almost everywhere, so head over to this rock to begin the glide. Land also on the altar to reveal the Shai Yota shrine.


Start your glide from this point

This is another blessing, so there"s no puzzles or Guardians inside, just a chest containing a Great Flameblade – a two-handed sword with 34 attack points via the included bonus of dealing fire damage.


There"s a Great Flameblade in the chest inside

There"s plenty even more hidden shrines in Breath of the Wild, so don"t miss the remainder of our guides.

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