You"ll must solve an additional riddle to disclose the Shai Yota shrine. Here"s exactly how to perform it.

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Make certain you have actually at least one Bomb arrow before you handle this quest.


Find Kass in ~ the Horon Lagoon, south east of Zora"s Domain. That sings friend the following song:

"He division the rocks that serve to bind, over the tempestuous bay. On wings of cloth and also wood entwined, the lands top top the altar to open up the way."

This is among the less complicated riddles to number out (obviously, you"ll be breaking some rocks and using her glider) – yet we"ll admit this quest took us an ext than one effort to obtain done.

Where we went wrong to be smashing just a couple of the rocks and also thinking we"d have the ability to glide come the altar indigenous the resulting thermal drafts.


Use a Bomb arrow to attend to these rocks

You"ll have to find and break every the breakable rocks in the area, and the game will permit you know when you"ve done so – the camera will certainly pull away to show you the altar starting to glow orange.


This is how you recognize you"re prepared to glide come the altar

You can"t simply glide come the altar native anywhere, so head end to this absent to begin the glide. Soil on the altar to reveal the Shai Yota shrine.


Start her glide native this point

This is an additional blessing, for this reason there"s no puzzles or Guardians inside, just a chest containing a good Flameblade – a two-handed sword v 34 attack points v the added bonus of dealing fire damage.


There"s a great Flameblade in the chest inside

There"s plenty much more hidden temples in Breath the the Wild, therefore don"t miss the rest of ours guides.

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