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(former) 350 south Duval StreetTallahassee, Florida
Art, scientific research center

The mar Brogan Museum that Arts and Science, likewise known as the Brogan Museum, was an art and also science museum situated at 350 southern Duval Street, Tallahassee, Florida.


Located in downtown Tallahassee on Kleman Plaza, the museum was created from the closing of two struggling Tallahassee museums, The Museum that Art/Tallahassee and also the Odyssey scientific research Center. The two previous organizations were produced independently in 1990 and also 1991 respectively. The organizations agreed to share a typical building, opening to the public in 1998, and to merge in 2000. The structure was built on land belonging to The City the Tallahassee and the Museum executed a transfer of its sub-lease to Tallahassee neighborhood College (TCC) from Leon County schools in 2003. That was named posthumously after former Florida Lt. Governor Frank Brogan"s wife, who died of cancer in 1997. Mrs. Brogan had worked as an educational consultant during her husband"s tenure as Lt. Governor and also had a solid interest in arts and also education.

Exhibitions and Programs

The Museum was part of association of science and an innovation Centers (ASTC) as well as a Smithsonian Affiliate. The museum"s mission was to stimulate attention in, and also understanding of, exactly how visual arts, sciences, mathematics, and an innovation connect. The museum had two floors of interactive science exhibits and also an art gallery displaying a range of works.

A few notable exhibitions the museum staged encompass Bodies: The Exhibition in 2009, Dale Chihuly"s Seaforms in 2003 and multiple showings that the assorted Kokoro Sanrio animatronic dinosaurs.

The museum ran a day-camp program concentrated on Art and Sciences, dubbed "Camp every That!". Other programs and activates consisted of StarLab (planetarium), EcoLab (aquatic life tanks) and also the WCTV Weather station. The Museum was likewise home for many years to a beloved guinea pig called George.

Florida"s people War II Memorial

In 2004, in conjunction v the Florida room of Education, the Florida department of State and the academy on human being War Two and the human Experience, the museum arisen a curriculum because that American background supplement on CD"s, featuring historical educational materials, an individual histories and also interviews.

Selected science Exhibitions and Programs

2003: seeing the Unseen: Photographs through Harold Edgerton

2010: Videotopia

2008: The Roswell Exhibit

2010: STRIDe laboratory ME2 outreach program

Selected arts Exhibitions

2001: Hello Cuba. Braking Barriers modern-day Cuban modern Art

2005: Art and also Ecology Triennial

2006: Transitory Patterns: Florida women Artists

2009: The Kinsey Collection

2008: Enrique Chavarria: Journey right into the Subconscious

2010: phibìc by Southwest, indigenous American Art: indigenous the arsenal of : I.S.K. Reeves V & Sara W. Reeves

2010: Appetite: expression of the national politics Encircling Food

2011: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

2011: Coming out of the Closet: apparel Art together an Emergent Form


In January the 2012, TCC and also the board of director announced the "indefinite" closure that the Museum. The staff continued to offer limited programs, consisting of "Camp every That!" with the summer the 2012. TCC and the board of director spent most of the 2013 attempting to leg the gaue won gap, consisting of selling few of the museum artwork collection. In at an early stage 2013, once a bid because that $150,000 in resources from Leon County fell through, the museum close up door permanently, v "dire jae won straits" and also an i can not qualify to bring in "blockbuster" exhibits cited as factors behind the closure.

Subsequent use of the Building

In 2014 there were initiatives to use the bottom floor for a non-profit center, when the top floors to be tangled in a legit dispute. According to the Tallahassee Democrat:

"Attorneys because that both sides room attempting come clean up a "messy lease," very first created in January 1992 once the school board to be granted state funds to build the structure on land own by the city that Tallahassee. The state money came through strings that mandate specific uses because that the building. Growth to the vacant locations can"t occur until the Leon County school Board authorize the regards to yet an additional amended lease."

By 2017, the building had been fully repurposed by TCC as non-profit innovation center:

"The 34,000-square-foot facility, which formerly housed the mary Brogan Museum that Art and Science, underwent significant renovations. It now dwellings offices and conference rooms for rent, modern technology infused training and collaboration spaces, a sleeve incubator, tenants including WTXL-ABC 27 and a brand-new Horizons computer system Learning Center, the institute for non-profit Innovation and Excellence, and a Starbucks coffee shop. The Starbucks is licensed by TCC to aid support retail training and student job opportunities and also is component of TCC’s meeting to advance entrepreneurship in the College and the community."

In beforehand 2020, after three years, TCC announced they were closing the Starbucks coffee shop located in the former museum gift shop space, citing financial struggles and also high employee turnover.

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