I hooked up v the charming Mariko Izumi ~ above the fishing present in Edmonton Canada over the weekend and also interviewed she on her fishing adventures.Mariko is finest known as the host of the people Fishing Network´s (WFN) Hookin´Up, i m sorry is a fishing show that attributes fishing and also fun in several of the hottest areas on the planet.Since getting into the TV fishing business in 2007, Mariko has actually presented a web collection on the existing events of the fishing industry and hosted her very own series. She is additionally on top of all the a proud companion of F3T Canada – the fly Fishing film Tour.

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“What is the fly Fishing Film tour all about?”

I guess the is rather a unique story. I thrived up in a fishing household where my uncle and dad, Wayne and Bob Izumi, prospered up fishing. Castle were negative with my 2 aunts and also four kids. To make a long story short, usually my grandma ran away and also my grandpa was liven working sustaining the kids, so this 4 youngsters were a lot of by us – so they fished all day long in a rural town in Ontario. Flash forwarding come the year ns was born, by now fishing had actually really affected both mine uncle and my dad´s life, so the year i was born my dad and also uncle began their own fifty percent our sport fishing TV show, called Real Fishing. To now it quiet airs throughout North America and also they space in your 33rd season. Through that said, i did not arrangement on complying with the footsteps of my dad and also my uncle. I grew up being really girly and also competing in dance and gymnastics, and also my first career remained in public relations however the WFN was originally started in Toronto and when I graduated I was also there and started law some job-related for them and then i realized the I should follow in my father and also uncle footsteps. Gift in prior of the camera, the end on the water and also travel was yes, really fun and suited me. Mine mom also hosted a fishing TV present in French too for a couple of years, present this yes, really is in the family.

How is it making a living in the sport – straightforward or not?

Definitely not easy and also I think girlfriend agree. I´m in the entertainment service but even if ns was just in fishing, it is favor the to chat business, the is a constant hustle. Fishing, even though the stats are there in terms of, for instance in Canada much more people to chat fish than tennis and also golf combined, so there is money in it yet there is miscellaneous that makes it so that there is not a the majority of money to go around. So if you want to do a full-time living in fishing, every little thing it is touring and doing tournaments, act fishing mirrors or various other it is a hustle, you have to build relationships i m sorry is an extremely important and you need to maintain them. That is difficult work and also harder than civilization who no in the sector would believe and also think that is just living the dream. Don’t gain me wrong – i wouldn´t have actually it any type of other means and i love this field however it is hard work.

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I´ve took trip all over and fished my totality life really, but some of mine favorites; one is definitely up in northern BC ~ above the Langara Island Fishing lodge for salmon, halibut too which is not as lot fun however fun come try. Salmon fishing increase in Haida Gwaii top top the pacific is definitely one of my favorites, ive been over there a couple of times, you space out on a tiny boat and also it is not unusual to have whales come and visit you and you can basically touch them, there is deer and also the food is very great as well. Ive constantly love the access time there.