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Today the Church of England also remembers Margery Kempe. Although not officially a saint, she was a mystic known for her passionate devotion to Christ – devotion that frequent brought about storms of weeping and to her being explained as 'the Madwoguy of God'.

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Born in around 1373 and also died at some suggest after 1438, she dictated her 'Book of Margery Kempe' to an unnamed priest – speaking of herself in the 3rd perchild – and extracts were published the printer Wyken de Worde in 1501. The manuscript was only reuncovered in 1936.

Margery Kempe embarked on lengthy pilgrimages and also created of her mystical experiences.Pixabay

Kempe was born in Kings Lynn, however made pilgrimages to Rome, Jerusalem, Spain and also Germany. She appears to have actually experienced a nervous breakdvery own after the birth of her first boy (she wregarding have 14) in the time of which she observed demons attacking her. She ended up being extremely devout, seeing visions and also experiencing spiritual ecstasies. She visited Julian of Norwich in her cell and also invested time via her, seeking to understand her spiritual feelings.

Her book describes her sexual temptations as well as her spiritual feelings and is related to as the initially autobiography written in English by a womale. It also tells of her frequent trials for heresy, as she was challenged by the religious authorities on whether she was orthodox or not and whether she must be permitted to teach in public; she was never before convicted.

Here are 6 quotes from the Book of Margery Kempe.


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 On a night, as this creature lay in her bed via her husband also, she heard a sound of melody so sweet and also delectable, that she thought she had actually remained in Paradise, and therewith she began out of her bed and said: 'Alas, that ever before I did sin! It is full merry in Heaven.'

2. many type of times met via guys of that district that said to her, 'Woguy, offer up this life that you lead and go and also spin, and also card wool, as various other women carry out, and also execute not experience so a lot shame and so a lot unhappiness. We would not experience so much for any kind of money on earth.' Then she said to them, 'I carry out not endure as much sorrow as I would certainly perform for our Lord's love, for I only suffer cutting words, and our merciful Lord Christ Jesus...suffered tough strokes, bitter scourgings, and also shameful fatality at the last, for me and also for all mansort, blessed might he be.'

3. Then the lady's priest came to her, saying, 'Woguy, Jesus is long considering that dead.' When her crying ceased, she sassist to the priest, 'Sir, his death is as fresh to me as if he had actually died this very same day, and also so, I think, it must be to you and to all Christian people.'

4. Then many human being were amazed at her, asking her what was wrong with her; to which she, choose a creature all wounded via love, and in whom factor had actually failed, cried through a loud voice: 'The Passion of Christ slays me.'

5. Sometimes she wept exceptionally abundantly and also violently out of desire for the bliss of heaven, and because she was being kept from it for so long.