el massive querido

Beginning his career in the pop group Los Bukis, the long-haired, mexico lothario Marco Antonio Solis has actually now to be making music because that nearly half a century! In celebration, he"s heading the end on the extensive El Mas Querido us tour, happen the romance to a city near you in 2020.

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His phenomenal success has taken him far outside the usual limits of Latin music, and also in 2010 was immortalized through a star ~ above the Hollywood walk of Fame. Don"t miss out on him on tour this year as he revisits few of the enduring ballads the made us loss in love through him, alongside new and amazing material!



Performance date: 8 October 2016


Suitable because that audiences of all ages

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Image by Jorge Mejía peralta supplied under an innovative Commons License


You may be required to have had actually a COVID vaccine in bespeak to attend this power or display proof of a an unfavorable test. Please contact the venue straight for more information top top this.

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