American history A Survey

The Collision that Cultures

Multiple-Choice Questions

The origins of the bulk of human being existence in phibìc America beganA. With movements from Eurasia end the Bering Strait.B. V the explorations the Christopher Columbus.C. Together a an outcome of the advance of the wheel.D. Lengthy after the last ice period ended.E. Native the southern guideline of southern America.Answer: A

Scholars calculation that person migration into the ameri over the Bering Strait emerged approximatelyA. 2,000 years ago.B. 5,000 years ago.C. 9,000 year ago.D. 11,000 years ago.E. 18,000 year ago.Answer: D

The an initial truly complicated society in the ameri was that of theA. Mayas.B. Aztecs.C. Incas.D. Pueblos.E. Olmec.Answer: E

The at an early stage South American worlds of Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs all mutual the following features EXCEPTA. The usage of wheeled vehicles.B. Economic climates primarily based upon agriculture.C. Considerable cities.D. Complicated political systems.E. Elaborate religious and cultural systems.Answer: A

The pre-Columbian American individuals in the Pacific NorthwestA. Did not have actually permanent settlements.B. Arisen political solution as sophisticated as those the the Mayas and also Aztecs.C. Fished salmon as their primary occupation.D. Were the many peaceful the pre-Columbian societies.E. Were recognized as the Inuit.

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Answer: C

The pre-Columbian phibìc American peoples in the SouthwestA. Were primarily hunters of small game.B. Built huge irrigation solution for farming.C. Stayed in small, nomadic tribes.D. Produced an economy exclusively based on trade.E. Mostly pursued moose and also caribou for sustenance.Answer: B

In the good Plains region, many pre-Columbian societiesA. Engaged in sedentary farming.B. Live in little nomadic tribes.C. Pursued buffalo because that survival.D. Offered horses.E. Emerged a harsh religious beliefs that required human sacrifice.Answer: A

Prior to european contact, the eastern 3rd of what is today the joined StatesA. To be politically managed by the Cahokia Indians.B. Consisted of no irreversible settlements.C. Had the many abundant food sources of any region of the continent.D. Was occupied by tribes that engaged in hunting and gathering but did not yet farm.E. Continued to be for the most part uninhabited.Answer: C

Cahokia to be a huge trading facility located near what present-day city?A. St. LouisB. MemphisC. Brand-new OrleansD. Baton RougeE. DetroitAnswer: A

The agricultural practices that pre-Columbian tribes in the Northeast were characterized byA. Extensive irrigation systems.B. The breakthrough of metal-tipped plows.C. A sacred respect for trees the kept human being from cut them down.D. A rapid exploitation of the land.E. Focus on tobacco cultivation.Answer: D

Many pre-Columbian tribes east of the Mississippi flow were loosely connected byA. The mutual use the a collection of forts.

Christopher ColumbusA. Was trained together a sailor through his long company to Italy.B. Was a man of small ambition.C. Thought that Asia might only be got to by cruising east.D. Thought the Americas consisted of a couple of islands.E. Assumed the civilization was lot smaller than it is in reality.Answer: EPage: 12

In his an initial voyage in 1492, Christopher ColumbusA. Cruised along the coast of what is contemporary Virginia.B. Mistook Cuba for China.C. Was briefly caught by natives that encountered.D. Was forced to put down a mutiny ~ above the Santa Maria.E. Crossed the Atlantic s in 6 weeks.Answer: BPage: 12

Christopher Columbus referred to as the native people he encountered top top his trips “Indians”becauseA. He thought they came from the eastern Indies in the Pacific.B. It is what the natives dubbed themselves.C. That mispronounced their actual name.D. Vikings seamen had actually previously offered the term.E. He wanted to hide his exploration from rival explorers.Answer: APage: 12

As a an outcome of his 3rd voyage in 1498, Christopher Columbus break up thatA. All of the floor he had actually seen were in Asia.B. He had actually never come even remotely close come Asia.C. He had encountered a continent different from Asia.D. Asia could not be got to by a delivery traveling west indigenous Europe.E. The lands that had found offered great mineral wealth.Answer: CPage: 12

Amerigo VespucciA. Sailed on the voyages through Christopher Columbus.B. Was a leading doubter of Columbus’s claims.C. Compliment from Portugal.D. Never traveled to the brand-new World.E. Helped popularize the idea the the americas were new continents.Answer: EPage: 12

Who was the first known european to look westward upon the Pacific Ocean, in 1513?A. Amerigo VespucciB. Vasco de Balboa

C. Juan Ponce de LeónD. Ferdinand MagellanE. Hernando CortésAnswer: B

What European explorer gave the Pacific s its name?A. Amerigo VespucciB. Vasco de BalboaC. Juan Ponce de LeónD. Ferdinand MagellanE. Hernando CortésAnswer: D

In 1518, Hernando Cortés’s occupation of the Aztecs to be made possible largely early toA. Political departments within the Aztec leadership.B. The exposure of the Aztecs come smallpox.C. The brutality of the Spanish conquistadores.D. Spanish partnerships with adversaries of the Aztecs.E. The Spanish co-opting of the Aztec religion.Answer: B

Which statement around Spanish settlements in the new World is FALSE?A. Spanish gold and silver mines were enormously productive.B. Spanish colonies would kind one of the largest empires in the history of the world.C. The Catholic Church was very interested in spreading Christianity in Mexico.D. The an initial Spanish settlers were largely interested in farming.E. Numerous helped establish elements of European human being permanently in America.Answer: D

An encomienda was aA. Unique title offered to Spanish explorers of the brand-new World.B. Spiritual ceremony.C. Spanish-run community of assimilated Indians.D. Uniform worn by conquistadores.E. License to exact tribute and also labor from natives.Answer: E

The very first permanent Spanish settlement in what is now the United states wasA. Brand-new Orleans.B. St. Augustine.C. Santa Fe.D. St. Louis.E. Mountain Francisco.Answer: BPage: 16

In 1680, the Pueblo Indians rose in revolt against Spanish settlers after the Spanish

B. Came to make up the largest segment the the population.C. Were officially illegal however generally tolerated.D. Were commonly sold right into slavery.E. To be the name offered to Catholic priests, friars, and also missionaries.Answer: BPage: 20

Which the the adhering to statements is many accurate regarding African immigrants to theAmericans in between 1500 and 1800?A. Virtually all came versus their will.B. They consisted of over fifty percent of all immigrants to the brand-new World.C. Practically all came versus their will, and they consisted of over fifty percent of all immigrants to the NewWorld.D. Almost all came voluntarily, comprising somewhat less than half of all immigrant to theNew World.E. Nearly all came voluntarily.Answer: CPage: 21

The portion of West Africa that noted the bulk of slaves for the Spanish empire of thesixteenth centuryA. To be a primitive region dominated through warring lack societies.B. Had small commercial call with the Mediterranean world.C. Was dominated by the Christian faith.D. Had well-developed economies and political systems.E. Had actually no important cities or trade centers.Answer: DPage: 21

African and American Indian societies tended to be matrilineal, i beg your pardon meansA. World traced your heredity v their mothers.B. Just women would certainly be the top of families.C. Men might not inherit property.D. Females were in regulate of the society institutions.E. Only mothers could act as political leaders.Answer: APage: 22

In the fifteenth century, slavery in AfricaA. Was taken into consideration a permanent condition for the enslaved individual.B. Proscribed that kids born of enslaved parents were also slaves.

C. Was presented by Europeans.D. Was consisted of of an solely African slave population.E. Typically allowed specific legal protections because that the enslaved.Answer: EPage: 23

In what chronological bespeak did european countries manage the African slave trade?A. The Portuguese, the Dutch, the EnglishB. The English, the Spanish, the DutchC. The Dutch, the English, the SpanishD. The English, the Dutch, the PortugueseE. The Portuguese, the Spanish, the DutchAnswer: APage: 23

What condition(s) in England in the 16 century detailed incentive because that colonization?A. The accessibility of farmland was decreasing while the populace was growing.B. The need for structure was decreasing while the populace was growing.C. Pasture land to be being convert to chop production while the population was declining.D. Both the food supply and also the population were declining.E. Both the food supply and also the population were increasing.Answer: APage: 25

Which statement regarding the economic theory the mercantilism is FALSE?A. The presumed that the world’s wealth was finite.B. It enhanced competition among nations.C. It lessened the desire for countries to acquire and maintain colonies.D. The assumed the exporting items was preferable to importing goods.E. Its principles spread throughout Europe in the sixteenth and also seventeenth centuries.Answer: CPage: 25

In England, throughout the beforehand sixteenth century, mercantilism prospered mostly top top the basis oftrade in i m sorry commodity?A. SpicesB. SlavesC. LumberD. CornE. WoolAnswer: EPage: 25

E. Harsh treatment of aboriginal populations could lead to rebellion.Answer: BPage: 29

Which statement around French colonization in the new World is FALSE?A. French settlers exercised an affect disproportionate to their numbers.B. The French, like the English, do the efforts to continue to be separate from indigenous peoples.C. The French were much more likely than the English to press inland.D. The French colonial economy was based on comprehensive fur trade.E. The French regularly lived among the natives and also married Indian women.Answer: B0

The very first permanent English settlement in the brand-new World was created inA. Boston.B. Raleigh.C. Roanoke.D. Plymouth.E. Jamestown.Answer: E0

An important an effect of the loss of the Spanish Armada was thatA. France concerned dominate Spain.B. Catholicism was swept from western Europe.C. England uncovered the seas an ext open to your control.D. The Reformation expanded into Spain.E. Spain was required to relinquish its brand-new World empire.Answer: C1

The swarm of Virginia was called in honor ofA. Virginia Dare.B. Walter Raleigh.C. Humphrey Gilbert.D. Elizabeth I.E. Queen Mary.Answer: D1

The cause of the failure of the Roanoke colonyA. Was a severe food shortage.B. Is in the history inconclusive.C. Deterred the English from another colonizing effort for fourty years.D. Was the fatality of the colony’s governor.E. Was a virulent malarial epidemic.Answer: B2

True/False Questions

The civilizations and also political equipment of pre-Columbian indigenous Americans north of Mexicowere less elaborate than those the the peoples to the south.Answer: TruePage: 6

When Europeans arrived in north America, native tribes were normally able to hold together inopposition to white encroachments on their land.Answer: False

Prior to the come of Europeans, the population of the indigenous peoples living in what is nowthe United states is estimated to be 50 million.Answer: FalsePage: 10

Some chroniclers have said that European conditions virtually exterminated numerous nativetribes.Answer: TruePage: 19

The eleventh-century explorations and also discoveries of Leif Eriksson were common knowledgein the European people of the fifteenth century.Answer: FalsePage: 9

Portuguese exploration in the so late fifteenth century concentrated on recognize a course to theOrient through sailing roughly Africa.Answer: TruePage: 11

Christopher Columbus spent his early seafaring years in the business of the Portuguese.Answer: TruePage: 12

On his an initial voyage come the brand-new World, Columbus realized that he had not encountered China.Answer: FalsePage: 12

By 1550, Spaniards had actually explored the coastline of north America as much north together Oregon in thewest.Answer: True

The at an early stage Spanish settlers were effective at creating plantations, but not in ~ finding goldor silver.

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During the sixteenth century, England was suffering a decrease in food supply andpopulation.Answer: FalsePage: 25

Mercantilists supported colonization together a means to obtain the inexhaustible wide range of theNew World.Answer: FalsePage: 25

The preaching of john Calvin led his followers to command both anxious and productive lives.Answer: True

Puritans to be the first English colonizers.Answer: False1

The Roanoke catastrophe virtually killed the colonizing advertise in England because that a long time.Answer: False2

Fill-in-the-Blank Questions

The far-ranging Indian trading center near present-day St. Luigi was dubbed ____.Answer: Cahokia

The first country to sponsor expedition by sea to the Orient to be ____.Answer: PortugalPage: 10-

The very first known europe to rigid westward throughout the Pacific was ____.Answer: Vasco de Balboa

The Spanish realm at one allude claimed the entirety of the west world, except for a pieceof what is now ____.Answer: Brazil

The very first permanent European settlement in what is now the United states was ____.Answer: St. AugustinePage: 16

The licenses granted to Spaniards to precise labor and also tribute indigenous natives in details areaswere dubbed ____.Answer: encomiendasPage: 18

On his first voyage, Columbus developed a short-lived settlement on an island the henamed ____.Answer: HispaniolaPage: 12

The Spanish ad to peoples of blended race as ____.Answer: mestizosPage: 20

____ was a aboriginal of Genoa cruising in the employ of England close to the finish of thefifteenth century.Answer: john CabotPage: 23

Those who believed that the world’s wealth was limited were called ____.Answer: mercantilistsPage: 25

John Calvin introduced the theory of ____.Answer: predestination

The many radical Puritans were called ____.Answer: Separatists

Puritan discontent in England prospered rapidly ~ the fatality of Queen Elizabeth I, the last ofthe ____.Answer: Tudors

England’s first experience with emigration came in ____.Answer: Ireland

The only clue come the fate that the Roanoke swarm was the cryptic inscription “____”carved top top a post.Answer: Croatoan

The an initial permanent English negotiation in the brand-new World was developed at ____.Answer: Jamestown

King ____ of Spain sent out a fleet to attack England close to the end of the 16 century.