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"For All us Know" is a soft rock tune written for the 1970 film Lovers and also Other Strangers, v music by Fred Karlin and also juniorg8.com through Robb Wilson (Robb Royer) and also Arthur James (Jimmy Griffin). Both Royer and also Griffin were founding members of the soft-rock group Bread. That was originally performed, because that the film"s soundtrack, by Larry Meredith. The is finest known for a cover variation by American pop duo Carpenters in 1971, which got to No. 3 ~ above the united state Billboard hot 100 singles chart and No. 1 on the us Billboard basic Listening chart. The track was additionally a hit because that Shirley Bassey at the very same time in the united Kingdom. It has due to the fact that been covered by various artists. The song ended up being a yellow record. It winner the Academy compensation for ideal Original song in 1971.more »

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Love, look at the 2 of usStrangers in many waysWe"ve gained a life time to shareSo lot to say and also as us go native day come dayI"ll feel you close to meBut time alone will certainly tellLet"s take it a lifetime to sayI knew girlfriend wellFor only time will tell united state soAnd love may flourish for all us knowLove, look in ~ the two of usStrangers in plenty of waysLet"s take it a life time to sayI knew friend wellFor just time will tell united state soAnd love may grow for all us know

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Carpenters The Carpenters were an American vocal and instrumental duo that Karen and Richard Carpenter. They created a unique soft music style, combine Karen"s contralto vocals v Richard"s arranging and composition skills. An ext »

Written by: Fred Karlin, James Arthur Griffin, Robert Wilson Royer

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REM: “I assumed that ns heard friend laughing. I assumed that ns heard friend sing. Ns think I assumed I observed you ____”.