yes LB fam lastly up in this piece gained my man that placed me on, you understand what I"m sayin desire a shout the end to the Uptown, recognize what sayin

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Word up MCA, this is exactly how we do everyday Me and also Freaky Tah..hah pretty Lou, mine man, Spigg Nice us be gettin" under representin so this is exactly how we walk let me let you know, just how it be, in da, G-H-E, twin T-O ryhme surname ho They be runnin" shit down the heat hey, if friend hear a mistake rewind
who the best whose the worst in this below rap game for those who case to it is in the ideal I tear them out the structure I"m representin" puttin" kings on the map (you wear) double springs, wit some baggy jeans when I laboratory Come up v a style to make con-versital don"t treat me choose no lame I"ve remained in this video game for awhile I"ve seen alot ta come, (come)
I"ve checked out alot a go(go), I"ve seen alot ta break I"ve checked out alot come blow, a yo It"s a pilgrimage to check out a nigga on slide Geta tight nigga, nigga geta grip, geta girlfriend don"t even know the fifty percent of my crew to be talking, however you"re talking and you act prefer you knew Yo set it, girlfriend fuckin" crossed the line and hit the border LB fam start attacking part attacking outta order placed on your leather gloves, and also hats and also get your picture mats and also get the gats simply in case you take it to the stacks Shout out to the Jeeps,

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It"s the Lex Coups, Bimas and the Benz (and the Benz) to every my ladies and my guys (my men) to all my individuals in the pen (in the pen) store your head up and to the hoods (the hood) east Coast, West Coast and World large (world wide) Ain"t nuttin" wrong with puffin" ~ above lai (on lai) and if you"re through me permit me hear you to speak "Ri-ght" currently a... Now... Currently a dayz niggaz frontin" prefer they ill (like lock ill) currently bustin" caps and got a muthafuckin" points to carry out to show his skill Recognize, nigga what you frontin" for I understand your layout you neva fight a blunt before Oh, your just another in the gyeongju (man girlfriend betta stop) fakin" gats, takin" up space to me your nuttin" however a needle in the hay ridge listen child I"ve been doing this since means back in the day, Ace Duce Tre, at the ideal up come Zimbobwae, hey whose the best, I desire the best to come check me for this reason I deserve to release some stress from mine chest G Is you down to go pound for pound, toe come toe, punch for blow, round for round I"m wonderin" cuz I bring the thunder and also the rain causin" confusion to your brain save the shit live because that the year Nine five I got more niggaz in my tribe than theres beez in the bee hive LB Fam day-to-day stay high Mr. Cheeks, daily high consentrate to obtain my shit straight, make united state wait before it"s too fuckin" so late The shed Boyz, yeah that"s who I be"z wit, that"s who I operation wit that I acting Treez wit load your bags, head outta town, I"ll be earlier around so it is in gone before sundown indigenous Jamaica comes a nigga called Cheeks, with techniques of the roadways over unstable neck to win This room is walking bounce around the Cheeks i do not know remember I"m the muthafucker choppin" crews prefer a chainsaw talk what friend what ta do what you gotta well let me tell you something man you cant perform me nadda now if you hear to my album, you view we only deal wit the actual deal street life