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Joel indigenous Seattle, WaThis song is cool nevertheless of what that is about.Greg house from Princeton, NjI constantly thought this tune was perform by either SugarRay or Pearl Jam. Now I know better.Also, this to be featured ~ above the Grey"s Anatomysoundtrack. I don"t psychic if it was on volume one or two but that doesn"t really matter. Funny how a certain singer or group can sound one an additional huh.see more comments
The CaveMumford & sons

"The Cave" by Mumford & boy is based upon the ideology of Plato and also his work called "Allegory of the Cave."

Somebody like YouKeith city

When Keith urban played "Somebody choose You" for his girlfriend, she referred to as him a hypocrite because he "sucked in ~ relationships."

JetPaul McCartney & wing

The Australian tape Jet took their name from the 1973 song of the exact same by Paul McCartney and also Wings.

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Feist"s "1234" is "about shed love, and the expect to recapture what you as soon as had," but it"s best known because that the Sesame Street version around counting to four.

The children Aren"t AlrightFall out Boy

Fall out Boy"s "The children Aren"t Alright" tune title is no a reference to The Offspring"s 1998 solitary of the very same name. It actually alludes to The Who"s 1979 rockumentary film dubbed The kids Are Alright.

TragedyBee Gees

The thunderclap sound heard in the punishment Gees song "Tragedy" to be made through Barry Gibb through his mouth.

David Paich that TotoSongwriter Interviews

Toto"s key-board player defines the true an interpretation of "Africa" and talks around working on the Thriller album.

name the character in the SongMusic Quiz

With a few clues (Works in ~ a diner, desires of to run away), can you surname the personality in the song?

deliberately AtrociousSong composing

A an option of songs made to be devastating - some plainly achieved the goal.

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roger McGuinn the The ByrdsSongwriter Interviews

Roger expose the songwriting formula Clive Davis called him, and also if "Eight miles High" is really about drugs.

TV design template SongsFact or Fiction

Was a Beatles tune a TV theme? and who come up through those new Prince and Sopranos songs?