around Look What You"ve done to Me

"Look What You"ve done to Me" is a 1980 song videotaped by Boz Scaggs, created by Scaggs and David Foster because that the movie metropolitan Cowboy. It reached #14 top top the U. S. Billboard warm 100 in November, #13 on the Cash Box top 100, and also went to #3 on the Adult contemporary chart. The song got to #30 in Canada. The song, showing on a broken romance (as shown in urban Cowboy), functions the Eagles on background vocals and also instrumentation through Don Felder ~ above guitar and members the Toto and also David Foster on keyboards. 2 versions of the tune were released. The an ext widely easily accessible version of the tune (as released on Scaggs greatest hits compilations) places an ext emphasis ~ above the Eagles" elevator vocals, plus additional background vocal stylings by Scaggs towards the finish of the song. The variation as heard in the urban Cowboy movie (as well together its soundtrack) replace instead instead the Eagles" vocals through a female chorus. According to comments made by both Scaggs and Foster top top the tv special (and succeeding DVD) fight Man: David Foster and also Friends, the track was written and also recorded in one night ~ the studio dubbed asking the duo to create a song for the scene, informing them the scene to be to be filmed the adhering to day, and also the track needed to it is in on a courier airplane the adhering to morning.more »

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Hope lock never end this songThis can take us all night longI looked at the moon and also I felt blueThen ns looked again and I witnessed youEyes like fire in the nightBridges burning v their lightNow I desire to invest the totality night throughAnd honey, yes, I"d prefer to spend it all on youLove, look what you"ve done to meNever thought I"d loss again therefore easilyOh, love, you wouldn"t lie to meLeading me to feeling this wayThey could fade and also turn come stoneLet"s obtain crazy all aloneHold me closer 보다 you"d ever dareClose your eyes and I"ll be afterwards all is said and also doneAfter every you room the oneTake me up your stairs and also through the doorTake me wherein we don"t care anymoreLove, look what you"ve done to meNever assumed I"d autumn again for this reason easilyOh, love, you wouldn"t lie to me, would youLeading me to feel this wayLove, watch what you"ve done to meNever believed I"d fall again so easilyOh, love, friend wouldn"t lie to meLeading me to feeling this way

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Boz Scaggs william Royce "Boz" Scaggs (born June 8, 1944) is one American singer, songwriter and also guitarist. He obtained fame in the 1960s as a guitarist and also occasional lead singer v the Steve fearbut Band and also in the 1970s with numerous solo peak 20 hit singles in the united States, together with the #2 album, Silk Degrees. Scaggs continues to write, document music and also tour. An ext »

Written by: DAVID W. FOSTER, wilhelm R. ROYCE SCAGGS