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How space you intended to obtain blue/purple slime in Tinkers?Congealed Maga Slime blocks are simple in the a visit come the nether and also a little bit of wandering deserve to yield a magma slime sapling or two, when planted, will certainly generate a congealed maga slime block tree.(in 1.10 in ~ least) both purple and also blue saplings grow up into trees that have actually congealed eco-friendly slime block trunks. Permitting the entire tree to decay can yield 1 slime ball.Taking buckets of fluid Blue Slime off the islands doesn"t it seems to be ~ to assist - slimes don"t generate in liquid slime other than on slime island chunks (apparently).So, is making a tool v slime parts the just way?
Just check - have you come across slime blocks surrounding the pools that blue liquid slime? In 1.12 lock are regularly blue together well. Also, i seem to remember the blue slime balls falling together a rarely drop once breaking slime leaves.

Purple Slime balls are found most plentifully from violet slime islands, however those space pretty rare. Lock can likewise be discovered from breaking purple slime tree leaves.
The slime islands are a restricted resource. Of food they can be pillaged - ns am looking for a renewable source of violet & blue slime blocks / balls. AoE needs a most blue slime ...
The blue slime island have actually purple slime tree"s. The purple slime tree"s drop purple slime balls from your leaves. (it is a rarely drop, yet it IS
an unlimited resource)The violet slime island have blue slime tree"s. The blue slime tree"s drop blue slime balls from your leaves. (same story)Difficult come automate, yet if you set up camp below a slime island, that will spawn blue slimes, and also you deserve to go and also defeat those to get more blue slime balls.I"m no sure about this, however I faintly remember that among the eco-friendly tech makers generates slime island ingredient in AoE. You"ll need to check JEI for that.

The slime islands space a restricted resource. Of course they have the right to be pillaged - ns am searching for a renewable source of violet & blue slime blocks / balls. AoE requirements a the majority of blue slime ...

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Liquid slime will, on occasion, spawn slimes of the color. So purple liquid slime will, on occasion, generate purple slimes. Which have the right to then be killed for your slime. Exact same with the far an ext common blue fluid slime. A tool through a blue slime head will periodically spawn blue slimes together you usage it, an ext than is needed to fix the tool, i m sorry is another way of obtaining blue slime.However, this is irregularity in period of Engineering, which has other means of creating them. Why don"t you have a look in your pursuit book? It can have some tips there. For that matter, why don"t you inspect in JEI under the relevant color slimeball for means it can be created?Age of engineering has VASTLY various ways of law EVERYTHING. Normally standard recommend is most likely NOT going to work. And also if grinding isn"t your thing... This probably isn"t walking to it is in the load for you. Simply sayin".