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DevilizeAlpha TesterPosts: 12Joined: 15 Jul 2014, 23:08

Horse breeding in small stables appears broken.

by Devilize » 01 Feb 2018, 17:14

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Hi, I manage 12 small stables 2 of which are used for cow breeding and the rest for aging and breeding of average quality high 80"s horses in Buyan server 7. Since managing these small stables I"ve run into nothing but inconsistencies and what appears to be severe bugs. I"ve gone through the trouble of troubleshooting this issue over the course of about a month now and at this point I"m ready to provide my findings.-------------------------------Problem 1. Breeding abruptly stops following a patch or server reset.Explanation - I"ve run into this problem with multiple small stables whom were successfully breeding an average of 2 foals a day only to completely stop production after a patch or server reset event. Details - Small stable durability 12300 (while I understand that stable is of lower quality this exact problem is occurring with stables of 18k+ durability as well). Feed is straw of various qualities ranging from 50-90+. I"ve verified these horses were within breeding age, not because I"m certain of what the max breeding age is but because I was able to move these horses/stallions from the bugged small stable into another stable that was continued to breed successfully. The results were that after 3 days of no foals in the bugged stable I had immediate 2 births within 24 hours after being placed in another stable confirmed to still be working. No horses died due to old age (I"m not sure if old age death"s are a negative) or from too much dung. Steps to resolve - 1. Waited 3 days for any change while maintaining a clean stable with consistent food supply. = no change. 2. Removed all horses and food from stable and left alone for 3 days. = Resolved? This small stable did suddenly allow births after 3 days of no activity, however, the stable has bugged again after a server reset and since then and this step did not resolve it a second time. 3. Used selective breeding with a single pair (I assume the "sheep" icon beside the animal count is for selective breeding in small stables) = no change after 3 days. Single pair without selective breeding = no change after 3 days. 3 pairs = no change after 3 days.-------------------------Problem 2. Newly constructed small stables have never had a foal which has been going on for over two weeks now.Explanation - You read correct, we have built 5 new small stables of 18k plus durability and stocked them with premier horses/stallions of breeding ages 8+ in 4 of these stables. (one used for cows). 1 small stable immediately started producing foals on average 2 a day while the other three have yet to have one birth going on 2 weeks.Details - 18k+ Durability. Feed is straw of various qualities ranging from 50-90+.Steps to resolve - Exact steps used in problem 1. Swapped cows into "bugged" small stable, horses moved into cow stable which has been successfully breeding cows since they were placed. = Cows continued to breed in "bugged" small stable that would not breed the horses. Horses have yet to breed in small stable that was successfully breeding cows for what has been 4 days now.What I know.1. Horses can breed at age 8.What I think.2. Small stables durability dictates odds of foal per tick, chances of quality increase per ingame day and overall increase in quality of foal compared to the parents.3. Animal lore level when placing horses in small stable also plays into what was mentioned above including odds of a full life span.4. An unnatural death can lead poor odds of further births for a period of time. 5. Carrots>Straw>ApplesWhat I need to test.1. At a certain quality of horse carrots are the only food that wll breed foals.2. Why when carrots apples and straw are available to feed from, horses eat straw before anything else.3. Is it better to have 1 horse and 5 stallions, 1 stallion and 5 horses or even pairs when breeding.4. My horses die at age 27 naturally, how the hell does someone have an age 71 horse with 85 quality. Thanks for anyone"s help and willingness to read all this, I"ll be checking in on this to answer any questions that may arise.