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Some_JerkTrue BelieverPosts: 53Joined: 29 Feb 2016, 19:30

New Armour bonoffers and also what precisely they do

by Some_Jerk » 21 Feb 2017, 03:43

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A few of the brand-new armor bonsupplies are pretty clear as to just how they impact your character in name alone, such as "much faster reload". Unfortunately, many them do not have an obvious name or any summary.Here"s a list of what I"ve watched so far:Padded:"Impact Resistance" - My guess is reduces damages you take when hit by a horse"Polearms Mastery" - Damage through spears, militia, and also pole weapons? I thought it might rise your green skill, yet it doesn"t seem to.Leather:"Ranged Weapons Mastery" - Damage with all ranged weapons?"Faster Reload" I think this is straightforward.Chain:"Cavalry Weapons Mastery" - Guessing it increases whatever currently taken into consideration to be a "cavalry weapon" which, btw, currently contains the beloved Knight Sword. It looks favor they made it a hand also and also a fifty percent sword, have the right to anyone tell me exactly how it compares to the bastard sword?"Spurs" - I think this have to boost speed while riding equines.Scale:"Infanattempt Weapons Mastery" - Damage via all "Infantry" weapons?"Increased Protection" - More armour? - Just tested this: It doesn"t look prefer it provides even more armour. Taking the exact same damage through much less bonus. Perhaps it has something to perform via shields?I notification that a novice set of armor boosts the worths by 0.5 for boots and gloves, and also 1 for arms, helm, chest, and also legs, for a complete of 5 points. If this equates into 5%, I think this bonus is beyond "a minimal bonus which will not make a lot difference" and also it might must be lowered. Of course, I wouldn"t object to removing these bonsupplies altogether, as I feel they detract from the worth of the game by forcing players into making use of a details armour form. These values are based on novice/initially tier armour. Has anyone been able to check out if the magical armour bonsupplies are better for continual or heavy armour types? Edit: Regular armour does has 2/2/2/2/1/1 per item, for a complete of ten. I"m going to assume that hefty is 15 total. If this is a percent, it"s incredibly game-altering.Thanks for any help figuring this one out. Hope you"re all enjoying the beta.