Life is Feudal: her OwnFINALLY!After numerous sleepless nights, frustration, desperation and strokes of hysterical laughter, we’ve controlled to merge the four separate species of entities right into one: a horse, a player, a cart and also movable objects. The an outcome of which has actually been highly anticipated by numerous players and is called: Horse-drawn carts!Now you have the right to fetch huge amounts of items and specific movable objects roughly the map in an efficient and also immersive way. Who knows, possibly you will certainly not require a home anymore and can play together a nomad with all your stuff fitting into one cart? the is Your very own decision, ~ all!
Also, we’ve applied a new large set the castle wall surface models and brand-new keeps! Recipes for structure these room now accessible to you. These new walls must be an ext efficient and provide a broader angle of fire because that the defenders’ archers. New keeps deserve to now be developed on optimal of your guild monument to provide second layer of defense for the “heart” of your guild.We likewise would like to remind you that this major feature was among the many voted features said by ours players. We encourage you, our players, come visit this page and also browse through the present features, vote for them, talk about with others and even imply your own principles here!Lastly, we’ve transferred all the current changes and features from the beta branch come the main/release branch. This way that you will be able to play through these features without a need to switch to the beta branch. The full list of features that room transferred indigenous the beta branch and added with the present patch:Patch notes (ver. features and tweaks: Horse-drawn carts have actually been added. You can build a cart, location a riding horse nearby, harness it come the cart. List items and also movable objects can be put inside and also pulled the end via the context menu choices Implemented ‘Personal Claim’ system Tuned Volley ability to be easier to use and be more effective (especially against tight formations). Volley ability can be used only if the toughness of player is an ext than `STR need` parameter of a bow Implemented impact damage the is resulted in by a equine that tramples a player critical weight affect on hit, parry and shield computer animation speed readjusted Armor durability damages buffed. 0.1->1. WeaponDurabilityDamage buffed 0.1->0.3 weapon_fracture_min__in_durability_damage 0.1->0.3 Berserker ability abilities currently raise the ability faster added new form of source — "Simple Cloth". Novice armors require an easy cloth instead of linen now. Added new recipes come “Nature"s Lore” skill: "Wristbands", "Primitive Boots". "Bandage" currently craft with an easy cloth. Hunters (skill lvl 60) now can craft a hat from hair All garments now administer a little amount of damages mitigation 1h and 2h sword combos work with one-and-a-half swords currently Tweaked virtually all unique attacks" damage scale. Nerfed some overpowered special assaults (which were found in the beta branch) "Another Hole" combo sequence changed to much less spammable (OH-R(L)S-OH instead of OH-OH-OH) boosted the number of bind slots in houses and also keeps 3 story plaster home now offers the same number of tiles as the wooden version Capacity of the "Warehouse" is currently the exact same as the volume of wood "Warehouse" (5000 stones) added hudless screenshot vital in worldwide key map enforced the ‘Horse decay’ system in order to minimize excessive server load, i beg your pardon was brought about by thousands of unattended horses being stashed in the attics of residential buildings. A steed without a rider or any kind of interaction in ~ 30 minute will show up sleeping/laying ~ above the ground, and after an additional 30 minutes, it will certainly ‘run away’ and disappear completely from the gameworld. This mechanism is DISABLED by default. Server admins may to allow this setup by modifying the: $cm_config::Decay::HorsesDecayTimeMinutes preference implemented a server-side setting that offers the capacity to permit or disable every inventory items gift dropped ~ above the ground when a player provides the Homecoming Prayer skill ($cm_config::HomecomingDrop = 0;) brand-new tooltips system implemented - you deserve to now see comprehensive information around items, character stats and active effects case radius is now shown in tiles (1 tile side = 2 meters) Guild claim rendering distance has actually been lower Guild land maintenance price has decreased Tweaked tree expansion algorithm. Tree that space planted by players will currently grow faster Removed neglect parry on 90 lvl Spearman 90 level Spearman is now forced to fight with spear and shield. Also added special assault after knocking down an opponent Lancers can’t strike on low rate anymore included durability check while communicating with inventory and constructed objects. You will certainly no longer see an capability in the context food selection if durability demands are no met You have the right to deconstruct incomplete structures on enemy insurance claims during judgment Hour. Speed of deconstruction counts on the amount of sources that were invested right into that certain building Properly imposed the swimming skill. It deserve to now be experienced up and allows you come swim longer ranges Armor effects now properly scale with the armor high quality Archer Stand and Defensive Fence now collection up immediately in a complete state added ‘Load of Mortar’ recipe. Sponsor the capability to make large amounts that mortar at once, but with increased use of sources A bunch the crafting recipe tweaksBug fixes and optimizations: fixed geo substance duplicating via inventory overweight Player collision capsule is disabled once a player is dead fixed multiple messages here and there in order to much better explain the situation and also what is happening slightly optimized netcode Optimized guild lands illustration algorithm Optimized server come database interaction Fixed client crash on case removal addressed inability to use Sacrifice when a monument is gift upgraded A few server crash problems have been addressed Optimized collision models of part objects. This should rise servers performance slightly. Solved an exploit making part players invulnerable resolved a instance where a character was dismounted native a horse after stun. Now a dismount will only happen if a character is knocked dow.

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currently renaming, opening and dropping bags and comparable containers is working effectively Ranger skill abuse v pavise resolved Fixed ability to attract a spear top top horseback addressed terraforming connected substance dupe You have the right to no longer include fuel to damaged tools Fixed the top quality cap on metal species in the instance of chainmail armor crafting fixed /stuck exploit, which would allow players to gain inside a fortified perimeter fixed incorrect food quality multiplier calculation. Now the value of the multiplier is recalculated v hunger increase You can gather silkworm cocoons from medium mulberry trees— The team