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Lie down / try Not come Cry / Cry a Lot advert an exploitable comic based around an image featured in a college Humor article titled realistic Gym exercise Diagrams, i beg your pardon featured parody exercise posters. The image has actually been edited in a variety of ways to incorporate various characters and also express humorously exaggerated sadness at miscellaneous events, such as a television series ending. The initial has also been included as a reaction photo in popular short articles with a sad or heartwarming image over it.


On September 10th, 2010, the internet humor site College Humor<1> released a write-up titled "Realistic Gym workout Diagrams," i m sorry featured parody practice posters because that exercising specific muscle groups. In the short article one parody poster in particular shows a man holding curling up in a fetal place with the expression "Lie Down; shot Not to Cry; Cry a Lot" posted above (shown below). The picture was later credited to CollegeHumor"s Caldwell Tanner.<5>



In so late 2012, edit of the image began circulating online. On march 5th, 2013, the male centered entertainment website Mandatory<2> released an short article titled "LIE DOWN. Shot NOT come CRY. CRY A LOT. AN emotional MEME COLLECTION" which accumulated several that the photo edits right into a single post. Countless of the edits encompass pop culture references, normally by editing and enhancing the personality in the comic to it is in a various character from a pop society series. Other edits include the original short article as a reaction picture to a heartwarming or sad story (example presented below).

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There room over 9,400 "Lie Down try Not come Cry Cry A Lot" memes on Memecenter<3> as of respectable 17th, 2017, despite it should be detailed that no every picture under the tag contains the comic. The photo remains renowned on Tumblr together well.<4>