My youngsters love books! It’s constantly fun to find new locations to purchase high quality books to incorporate right into our homeinstitution. I newly had the chance to evaluation a selection of titles from the wholesale distributor, Library and also Educational Services LLC.

For this testimonial, I was able to pick one title from their Who Was? What Was? series, one CD from their Liferesidence Theater CDs series, and numerous titles from their Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction publications. It was so fun selecting the products, yet additionally a difficulty bereason tbelow are so many kind of wonderful books!

I love that Library and also Educational Services LLC very closely curates their material to, “ensure they are not inconsistent to Biblical requirements and values.” Knowing that I can pick any type of title and not need to issue about my children running throughout somepoint inappropriate was incredibly freeing.

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What Books Did I Select?

When selecting the books, right here are the ones I selected to evaluation.

Liferesidence Theater

For my audio CD, I selected Trapped in Aesop’s Fables! It was exceptionally well done. I was expecting simply a simple audiobook, but this went above and beyond. Tright here were sound effects, and also a great storyline. A boy finds a chest that consists of books. He realizes that each book will certainly deliver him to the human being within the book.

He goes into the world of Aesop’s fables, and also gets to experience the lessons tbelow in person. It’s a fun tale that my kids appreciated listening to. I wanted to listen to it in the car while traveling on deputation, so we duplicated it into iTunes and also then linked via Bluetooth to the audio device in the car. It was a fun method to pass an hour on our many current expedition.


Who Was? What Was?

Due to the fact that we are really discovering a lot about elections and US federal government, I schosen What Is the Constitution.


I love that it’s a simple to read chapter book that was perfect for my middle kids. It consisted of a ton of information about the constitution of the USA, but supply it in an quickly digestible format. My youngsters weren’t overwhelmed, and came away via a much more powerful understanding.

Reinrequired Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction

When it came time to select my Reincompelled Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction books, it took a lot longer. Tbelow were numerous hundred titles to pick from, and I had a difficult time picking.

So, I referred to as some of my kids over and also let them perform the choosing. Here is a peek at what we determined on.

A set of four publications around crazy glow in the dark pets. (My ten-year-old son LOVED these! He is right into starray creatures that God has made, and also learning fun facts.)


A collection of four publications based upon famous children’s songs. My older youngsters enjoyed reading these to their younger siblings. They were also perfect for my beforehand readers, since they were already acquainted with the message.



A set of 5 Business Builders publications that each examined a various sector. These publications looked at essential players in that industry, that assisted to develop it. My teenager daughter picked these ones, considering that she’s interested in opening her own business.


I likewise selected a fun triusing book. Here’s a better look at all the titles I reviewed:


Create an Account

Because Library and also Educational Services LLC is a wholesale distributor, you must authorize up for an account prior to you deserve to make a purchase. As a homsechooling family, you qualify to order. Other eligible groups are churches, pastors, libraries, colleges, missionaries, and also day care centers. Creating an account was easy.

The virtual ordering procedure was smooth. They likewise except orders via mail (you deserve to request a catalog) and fax. Shipping was quick, and also the publications arrived in great problem. The sets were wrapped in shrink wrap, which preserved them all together nicely.

Other Books

In addition to the products I reviewed, this company has many type of various other books available. They have actually selections for kids, teens, and also adults. There are fiction books (I purchased an Eloise set and an Imagicountry Station set on my own), and also non-fiction. There are homeschooling sources, Bibles, DVDs, CDs, and also more.

How We Used These Books


I included these books to our homeschool library, and also let the children pick them up whenever before they were interested. Some of the titles were review several times during the review period, others only flipped via. But, each one organized up well and also was high-high quality. The images were superior, the binding solid, and the text intriguing.

What I Thought of Library and also Educational Services LLC

Prior to this evaluation, I had never heard of this firm. But, I am thoroughly impressed with their company, and also have already began to compile an order for even more books. Due to the fact that they are a wholesale firm, their publications are much less expensive than in other places. It’s a good method to stock your homeschooling library without breaking the bank.

If you’re trying to find high high quality publications at an excellent price, and also you are eligible for an account, I very recommend ordering from Library and Educational Services LLC.

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I was among 80 reviewers. To learn more about the various other titles easily accessible from Library and also Educational Services LLC, and exactly how other homeschooling families made use of them, please click the banner listed below.