FORTNITE fans should search the end those Pirate Cannons if they"re to juniorg8.commplete this mainly 4 difficulty for Season 8.

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Fortnite pirate cannon frameworks (Image: epos GAMES)

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Fortnitedeveloper Epic games has exit the Season 8, mainly 4 challenges.

Epic gamings releases seven battle Royale challenges each week. 3 of the weekly obstacles are obtainable for juniorg8.comst-free and the other four challenges are exclusive to battle Pass users.

Fortnite buried treasure: main 4 season 8 challenge guide

Fortnite Baller main 4 challenge: Map areas for use Baller in various matches task

The hard difficulty Fortnite challenges net players ten fight Stars, when the juniorg8.comntinuous tasks reward fans through five battle Stars.

Earning fight Stars level up your fight Pass, i m sorry is exactly how you unlock every one of the rewards ~ above offer.

Week 4 difficulties task players through landing at different locations, searching hidden treasure and eliminating enemies with miscellaneous weapons.

One that the more interesting obstacles involves the the newly released Pirate Cannons.

To juniorg8.commplete this an obstacle and earn part easy battle Stars, you"ll should use the pirate Cannons to damages structures.

The hardest juniorg8.commponent of this an obstacle is finding the Pirate Cannons to start with. Inspect out the map below for a look at the Pirate Cannon places in Fortnite.

One you unjuniorg8.comver a cannon, simply aim for the nearest structure and also do part damage.

You have the right to see the juniorg8.commplete list of Fortnite main 4, Season 8 difficulties below...

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Fortnite pirate cannon locations (Image: epos GAMES)

Fortnite main 4 juniorg8.commplimentary Challenges…

• phase 1 that 5: Land in ~ Tilted Towers

• use the Baller in various matches

• gain an elimination v a sjuniorg8.comped weapon and a Suppressed weapon (HARD)

Fortnite main 4 fight Pass Challenges…

• start yourself with a framework with a Pirate Cannon

• Search hidden Treasure

• remove opponents in ~ Happy Hamlet or pleasant Park (HARD)

• stage 1 that 3: Outlast 60 enemies in a single match (HARD)



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