One of the most heavily trialled strains for women’s intimate healthVery well documented for thrush, bacterial vaginosis & cystitisMainly used in trials alongsideL. rhamnosusGR-1

N.B.: An important point to note is that, for all of the featured clinical trials which focus on the use of this probiotic strain for the support of vaginal health, all probiotic supplements were given orally rather than used topically.

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Survival of this strain through the gut and also to the vagina has been demonstrated clinically. This strain was recovered in faecal samples and vaginal swabs from 7 days after oral administration, indicating survival through the challenges of the gut environment and across the perineum to the vagina (Morelli, L. et al., 2004).

Clinical trials show that this strain colonises in the vagina, crowds out pathogenic yeasts and fortifies the vagina’s natural defences againstCandidaalbicans. Candida albicansis the type of yeast usually implicated in vaginal yeast infections, also known as vaginal thrush.


Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is essentiallydysbiosisof the vaginal microbiota, and suggests a chronic imbalance of healthy bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. This bacterial imbalance results in the unpleasant symptoms typically experienced by sufferers of BV, which include a white-grey vaginal discharge, with a distinctive, foul-smelling "fishy" odour. Vaginal itching and burning during urination are also common symptoms.

Graph 2 - shows the infection was cleared in 88% of women who took the probiotic alongside their medication

The results revealed that 13 (81%) of the women in the probiotic group had a normal vaginal status and pH within 30 days of taking the probiotic, compared to just 5 (31.3%) in the placebo group. A follow-up confirmed that the results were still maintained after sixty days (Shamshu R. et al.,2017).

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Graph 3 - shows the probiotic combination was as effective as antibiotic medication in reducing incidents of UTIs

Further relevant studies: Bruce, A.W. et al.,(1988), Bruce A.W. et al., (1992), Karlsson M. et al., (2012), Reid et al., (1988). Reid et al., (1995),

The presence of Group B streptococcus (GBS) is often identified during pregnancy. It is considered to be a normal resident of the gut flora in 20-30% of people (both men and women), and it is believed to ‘colonise’ the vagina in roughly 22% of all women. Carrying this type of bacterium is not generally associated with any health risks or symptoms, and most pregnant women who are known to host group B streptococcus (GBS) bacteria go on to have healthy babies; however, there"s a small risk that GBS can pass to the baby during childbirth. Rarely, GBS infections in new-born babies can cause complications so if doctors believe that there is a risk of infection to a new baby, then they may prescribe antibiotics for mother and/or the child.

Further relevant studies: Kamala et al. (2009), Krauss-Silva et al., (2011).

Inflammation is a normal and essential part of the immune system response, occurring when foreign substances or bacteria enter the body, or when there is trauma to a body part. However, associated health issues occur when these inflammatory responses are prolonged and misdirected to benign substances, or the body’s own tissues. The role of probiotics to help modulate inflammatory responses is a developing area of probiotic research.

Other relevant studies: de los Angeles Pineda al., (2011).

Authors: Information on this strain was gathered by Joanna Scott-Lutyens BA (hons), DipION, Nutritional Therapist; and Kerry Beeson, BSc (Nut.Med) Nutritional Therapist.

Last updated - 7th May, 2020

As some properties & benefits of probiotics may be strain-specific, this database provides even more detailed information at strain level.Read more about the strains that we have included from this genus below.

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