Toddler Activities: Using building and construction paper, stapler and glue, make this straightforward Kufi style hat to learn around Kwanzaa. Cut strips of green, red, yellow and black constructions paper to make this cute hat!

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Babsence Construction paper (18 inches long if possible), red, yellow, green construction paper

Non Toxic Glue favor Elmer"s White School Glue



Cut a 2 inch wide spilgrimage of black building paper 18 inches long. If you have just 11 inch paper you need to make 2 strips. Cut the red, yellow and green into one inch wide strips that are 12 inches lengthy. Each hat needs two green strips, 2 yellow strips, and two red strips. Take 2 yellow strips and make an X. Take the two red strips and make an X laying it on height of the yellow strips. Take the green strips, make an X and place on height of the red and also yellow strips. Staple the facility of the X"s. You need to have actually a star shape. Measure the head of the boy through the babsence sexpedition and also staple. Staple or glue the ends of the colored strips to the inside of the babsence spilgrimage of building and construction paper.

Tips and also Suggestions

This functions best with an adult to assist in holding the strips while it is being glued. Be sure to check out a book to present what Kwanzaa is. Free Printable coloring sheets of the kinara and some of the presents given at Kwanzaa deserve to be discovered.

Kwanzaa Facts

Kwanzaa is a week lengthy celebration organized in the USA oboffered from December 26 to January 1 each year honoring African society and heritage. Kwanzaa celebrates salso principles; unity, self-determicountry, obligation, participating business economics, function, creativity, and belief. For each day a candle is lit. The seven candles are in a holder called the kinara.

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