I noticed koa put up mystery boxesLink to new items page if your curious.www.kultofathena.com/new_items.aspIf anyone gets one/some id exceptionally much appreciate posting what the items are! If my budacquire would enable id attempt one, yet koa calls for you purchase a separate item to add a secret box on. So alas, im not pulling the trigger.

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This item MUST be purchased as an add on to another order and also deserve to not be purchased on it’s own. We will certainly try to usage the various other items in your order to help determine what to sfinish you.
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They seemed decent the last time they did a "mystery box" thing. I imagine that"s part of why they"re asking people to bundle things, to try to obtain somepoint "similar" (But of course, likewise to save shipping, and gain human being to spend even more.)
One that despairs in his powerlessness cannot adjust the winds of fate.The boy of prophecy will certainly take up the dark sword... but - hate and anger, they are a double-edged blade. The day will certainly come, as soon as he bares his teeth versus destiny.

I really prefer the old mystery box because you were assured of obtaining at leastern one decent sword, sometimes 2 + a bunch of sword connected stuff, yes it price even more however was still much less of a gamble. This one they will look at what time period you added the mystery box to to identify what you obtain. So if you obtain a medieval pot you could obtain a sword, a fork or also a shitty deepeeka helmet from that era, it"s never before garenteed to be a weapon even if you buy a sword + the box, for all you understand you will certainly gain a extra big deepeeka scale mail. It could seem choose I"m ripping Koa however I"m more than likely still gonna shot it out tho as I am a gambling guy
One who despairs in his powerlessness cannot readjust the winds of fate.The boy of prophecy will take up the dark sword... but - hate and also anger, they are a double-edged blade. The day will come, as soon as he bares his teeth versus destiny.
Too many type of Pots And Cauldrons In stock, Must Make Mystery Box To Unpack But seriously tho if I obtain a pot I"m throwing that sht out the window
One who despairs in his powerlessness cannot readjust the winds of fate.The boy of prophecy will take up the dark sword... but - hate and also anger, they are a double-edged blade. The day will certainly come, as soon as he bares his teeth versus destiny.
I"m gonna buy the $50 box through a cheap sensible mini scimitar, I pray the deepeeka sword has actually a scabbard reason some of them dont. I"m the type of man that feels incomplete if all my swords don"t have one and I"ll be damned if I"m about to comission a tradition one for a deepeeka sword, or probably I"ll obtain a pot
They have had actually outrageous depeeka stock these past months. Kinda scaring me amethod even more now. *i have actually baught some of the leather journals koa supplies as presents for others, And got nothing however excellent feedback.
Some folks certain are down on Deepeeka. BUT...go to KoA and look at the availcapability of their Deepeeka swords. They are damn near all back-ordered. Somebody is buying them, so they can"t be all THAT BAD. I have actually one of their Templar daggers and it is a very nice piece. I know, they are a little bit clunky and also overweight, yet hey...simply to thrash around in the back yard...why not.

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deepeeka is one action listed below a windlass in terms of all at once high quality, but the price is comparable, tright here are a few gems from deepeeka but they cater even more for the reenactment side of swords over the actual cutting side, theres nopoint wrong through them but for the price a lot of world would choose a windlass
I purchased 4 of the $50 boxes. I wasn"t certain if I would have the ability to include 4 boxes via one item so I purchased 3 items and also added the $5 charity raffle ticket as the fourth item. I will certainly list my three items I purchased so it will certainly provide conmessage to the items I finished up getting from the mystery boxes. The 3 items I purchased were fairly cheap items. The initially item is the Knights Templar Shield. I wanted this shield hoping I can use it as a costume item yet it looks to just be a wall surface hanger. The second item is the Deepeeka Scottish Arming Sword - Munitions Grade. It looked choose a cool item so I added it to the list. On hind website I most likely have to have actually just acquired the continuous non Munitions Grade variation. There is a slight twist in the blade (as defined in the summary for munitions grade) but I was hoping it would have actually been a bit smaller sized of a twist than what it actually ended up being. The last item is the Musashi Shirasaya. I have actually been interpretation to include a Shirasaya to my collection and also I figured now was as good as a time as any kind of. I was also hoping by including this to the order that I would certainly get somepoint Eastern in the mystery boxes, which I did indeed acquire. Below is the list of the four items I gained from my mystery boxes.1) Cold Steel Chinese War Sword - The sword has some rust on it. Many likely as a result of it sitting in the leather sheath for as well lengthy. Nopoint that is significant so it is basic enough to clean off. The blade itself and the sheath look perfectly fine.2) Cold Steel Warrior Series O Tanto - This one at first looked prefer it had actually a broken scabbard. The mouth of the scabbard (koiguchi) was lacking. I later uncovered it in the bottom of the bag and glued the item ago onto the scabbard. Not the finest looking considering that I put also a lot glue on it but it did the project. The blade itself looks perfectly fine.3) Legacy Arms 12th Century Normale Sword - The scabbard had actually many scuffing and marks on it. The blade itself looks perfectly fine. 4) Ronin Katana Dojo-Pro Model 27 - I can not discover anything wrong with this. It looked brand brand-new.All in all, I am super happy via the items I gained from the mystery boxes.