“MC’s Act prefer They nothing Know” is the lead solitary from KRS-One’s 1995 sophomore album. It is among his five trips come the optimal 10 ~ above the united state Rap Chart, and also his best pop… check out More 

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Clap her hands everybody, if you acquired what that takes'Cause I'm KRS and I'm ~ above the mic, and also Premier's top top The BreaksGoin' out to the hardcore hip hopGoin' out to the hardcore i know good hopOf course we don't upper and lower reversal flopIf friend don't understand me by currently I doubt you'll ever before know meI never ever won a Grammy, i won't success a TonyBut I'm not the only MC keepin' it realWhen ns grab the mic come smash a rapper, girl go, \"Ill\"Check the time as i rhyme, it's 1995Whenever i arrive the party gets liverFlow through the understand rhymer, as I leave behindThe video rapper, girlfriend know, the chart climberClapper, down goes another rapperOnto one more matter, punch up the data, BlastmasterKnowledge Reigns supreme Over practically EverybodyCall increase KRS, I'm guarantee to rip a partyFlat top, braids, bald top or knotty dreadsThere once was a story around a male named JedBut now Jed is dead, all his youngsters insteadWant to kick rhymes turn off the peak of they headWord, what go roughly come approximately I figureNow we gained white kids callin' us niggasThe tables turned together the crosses burnedRemember You should LearnAbout the layouts I flip and also how wild ns getI walk on choose a an are age rocket shipYou might be a mack, a pimp, hustler or playerBut make sure live friend is a dope rhyme sayer
MCs act prefer they don't knowMCs act favor they don't knowMCs act choose they don't knowThis is what friend waited every year forThe hardcore, that's what KRS is here forBig up cool Wizard Theodore, gettin' illIf you view then ya observed I'm in her grill with mad skillMC's have the right to only fight with rhymes that acquired punchlinesLet's fight to see who headlinesInstead of circulation for flow let's go show for showToe for toe, yo, you better act like you knowToo countless MC's take that word 'emcee' lightlyThey can't move a Crowd, not also slightlyIt could be the fact that they express wacknessLet me display ya whose ass is the blackestI flip a manuscript a tiny bit, friend ride the tip and shitToo sick to acquire with it, recognize you bit, your format is counterfeitNow ton it down a bitMy title you will never get, I'm as well intelligentI'll send your family members my sentiments, my style is toxicWhen ns rock and also shock and hip hop that unlock her head, i knock itIt separation quick native the lyricDirect hit, perfect fit, you can't acquire with it

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MCs act favor they don't knowMCs act choose they don't knowMCs act prefer they don't knowSome MC's don't choose the KRS but they should respect himCos they recognize this son gets every up in lock rectumSlappin' and also selectin' em, checkin' em, disrespectin' emJust deckin' em, deckin' em, deck-in' emWho in their right mind deserve to mimic a format like mineI design rhyme and also get mine every the timeMC's standin' top top the sidelines, always dissin'When I role up and also rush their crew, they start bitchin'I don't burn, ns don't freeze, yet part MC'sBelieve they could tango with the likes the theseCross your t's and also dot her i's whenever ns arriveWide, magnified, live favor the ocean tideYou dope, you lied, ns reside choose ArtifactsOn the Wrong next of Da Tracks, electrifiedComin' roughly the mountain, friend run and also hideHopin' her defence device can draw away my heat-seeking lyricismAs i spark mad izmThe 1996 lyrical style's what I give 'emMCs act choose they don't knowMCs act like they don't knowMCs act choose they don't knowMCs act like they don't knowMCs act prefer they don't know