“No One Mourns the Wicked” is the opening song of the musical, Wicked. The song adheres to the recent fatality of Elphaba, the evil Witch the the West.The opening couple of notes the the… review More 
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Good news!She's dead!The Witch of the West is dead!The wickedest witch there ever before wasThe opponent of every one of us right here in Oz is dead!Good news!Good news!Look! It's Glinda!Fellow Ozians...Let us be gladLet us be gratefulLet us rejoicify that goodness might subdueThe wicked operations of you-know-whoIsn't the nice to know?That an excellent will dominate evil?The reality we every believe'll by and byOutlive a lieFor you and —No one mourns the Wicked!
No one cries: \"They won't return!\"No one lays a lily on their graveThe good man scorns the Wicked!Through your lives, our kids learnWhat us missWhen us misbehaveAnd goodness knowsThe Wicked's resides are lonelyGoodness knowsThe Wicked dice aloneIt simply shows, once you're wickedYou're left only on your ownYes, quality knowsThe Wicked's stays are lonelyGoodness knowsThe angry cry aloneNothing grows because that the wickedThey reap just what they've sown
Are people born Wicked? Or execute they have actually Wickedness thrust ~ above them?After all, she had actually a father. She had actually a mother, as so numerous do...

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How I hate to go and leave friend lonelyThat's alright, it's only simply one nightBut understand that you're below in mine heart as soon as I'm the end of her sightAnd prefer every family, they had their secretsHave one more drink, mine dark eyed beautyI've got one more night left right here in townSo have one more drink of environment-friendly elixirAnd we'll have actually ourselves a little mixerHave another little swallow, little ladyAnd monitor me downAnd that course, from the moment she to be born, she was, well, different...
It's coming!Now?The baby's coming!And how!I see a noseI check out a curlIt's a healthy, perfectLovely, small —Sweet Oz!What is it? What's wrong?How deserve to it be?What does that mean?It's atrocious!It's obscene!Like a froggy, ferny cabbageThe infant is unnaturally......green!Take that away... Take it it away!So you see, that couldn't have been easy!No one mourns the Wicked!Now at last, she's dead and gone!Now at last, there's joy throughout the landAnd quality knowsWe know what kindness isGoodness knowsThe Wicked die aloneShe died alone...Woe come those (Woe come those)Who spurn what GoodnessesThey room shownNo one mourns the WickedGood news!No one mourns the Wicked!Good news!No one mourns the Wicked!Wicked!Wicked!
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“No One Mourns the Wicked” is the opening track of the musical, Wicked. The song complies with the recent death of Elphaba, the wicked Witch the the West.

The opening couple of notes the the tune serve together a leitmotif, described by some as the “Wicked Witch that the West motif”. (These notes room actually the exact same notes provided throughout all of Stephen Schwartz’s musicals, most strikingly in Pippin). Us hear it later on in this very song during the flashback sequence in which Glinda recounts Elphaba’s birth. This motif is recurring (though slightly altered) at the start of “As lengthy as you Mine” and in a climactic allude in “No an excellent Deed”. “Defying Gravity” also makes use of the leitmotif at the really end. In addition, the song for this tune is played and sung at the start of “Thank Goodness”. This tune is tonal.

The citizens of Oz are celebrating the witch’s death, and newly-famed Glinda the an excellent Witch offers the audience part exposition ~ above Elphaba’s birth. Glinda shows up to be sympathetic for Elphaba when the citizen of Oz, the people she represents, appear to feel just the opposite.

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On Stephen Schwartz\" website he recalls the production procedure for “No One Mourns the Wicked”:

The very very first thing written for WICKED was the verse to “No One Mourns the Wicked,” albeit through slightly various lyrics. I composed it relatively early in the process, and also the straightforward tune and also the feel of it pertained to me while ns was analysis the novel. At a an extremely early phase I felt that the show should open up with every one of Oz celebrate the fatality of the witch, which caused the title “No One Mourns the Wicked,” which resulted in the tune.